Zeus Mortgage Bank launches platform offering the next evolution in hard money lending

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zeus Mortgage Bank, America’s fastest mortgage lender, launched a new platform last month offering its fastest funding opportunities yet. The new online portal, ZeusCrowdFunding.com, will introduce home borrowers to the next evolution in hard money lending.

In the financial industry, the term “hard money” generally refers to high-interest, asset-based lenders. Hard money loans involve offering a loan to a borrower using the borrower’s own real estate as collateral for the loan. Obtaining a hard money loan is often a quick process that does not require the same level of qualification criteria as traditional bank loans. This makes hard money loans a particularly attractive option for borrowers who need funding quickly or who have a checkered credit history.

Now hard money has evolved. Using state-of-the-art digital tools, Zeus CrowdFunding enhances the hard money lending model. Like more traditional hard money loans, loans secured by the Zeus CrowdFunding platform can be used by borrowers to achieve financial goals and earn money using durable assets as collateral. Unlike hard money loans, however, Zeus CrowdFunding allows many different investors to pool their resources into one seamless loan.

“Zeus CrowdFunding is using the unprecedented reach of the Internet to secure accredited investors from around the world and fund short-term, event- and project-driven real estate opportunities,” said Steven Kaufman, Founder and Chief Accelerator of Zeus Crowd Funding. “Crowdfunding offers all the benefits borrowers enjoy with hard money lending, but makes the funding process even faster – and Zeus CrowdFunding is America’s fastest real estate crowdfunding site.

“Best of all, our new platform is open for online business 24/7,” Kaufman added.

Borrowers looking for financing options at or below market terms can sign up to join the Z-Crowd now at AskZeus.com and start borrowing in minutes. The platform specializes in loan opportunities up to $2 million, secured by first lien and personal guarantees. Zeus CrowdFunding can finance real estate projects in as little as 4 days.

About Zeus Mortgage Bank

Zeus Mortgage Bank is a Texas-based mortgage lender that provides the right loan at the right time and at the right price for our customers. We’re proud to be America’s fastest mortgage lender and our customers love our lifetime mortgage guarantee. Zeus Mortgage Bank has been ranked as one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine and one of Houston’s Best Places to Work by Houston Business Journal. Our teams of experts are regularly interviewed by ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN and Bloomberg News on the real estate and mortgage markets.

About ZeusCrowdFunding.com

ZeusCrowdFunding.com is an online real estate crowdfunding platform launched by Zeus Trust Company in 2016. The ZeusCrowdFunding.com platform offers borrowers the flexibility to structure bespoke funding options that handle a variety of unique transactions involving the acquisition of property, refinancing, buying a house at a discount. , renovation projects, transitional properties, non-traditional borrowers, fix-and-flip projects, fix-and-hold projects, transactional financing, gap financing and transactions requiring urgent financing. For more information about ZeusCrowdFunding.com, please visit AskZeus.com.

James V. Hayes