Xignite presents a new cloud API for ETFs

SAN MATEO, California, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Xignite, Inc., a provider of cloud-based market data distribution and management solutions for financial services and technology companies, today introduced XigniteGlobalETFs, a new cloud API providing Advanced and comprehensive analytical holdings data for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) around the world. The popularity of ETF investments has exploded and in 2021 broke all previous records. ETF data is essential for clients of Xignite’s digital investment managers (robo-advisors), such as Betterment and SoFi, and our trading and brokerage clients, such as Robinhood and eToro, who offer their users collections composed mainly of specially selected and low-cost ETFs. .

One of the main reasons for this dramatic increase is that ETFs have become virtually free to buy and sell thanks to innovative Fintech solutions powered by Xignite market data. Robo-advisers such as Personal Capital, SoFi, Wealthfront, and WealthSimple have helped make ETFs extremely popular as an easy and inexpensive way to diversify their members’ portfolios.

Zero cost stock brokers like Robinhood have attracted investors who use ETFs as trading vehicles. As the ETF landscape evolves, it continues to democratize hard-to-access trading strategies for retail investors. This dramatic expansion and the complexity of the ETF landscape make it critical for our clients to have institutional-grade data to integrate into their ETF-focused financial software and mobile applications.

The new API offers daily and historical coverage of all ETFs listed in North America, Europe, and the largest Asian markets. From CFRA Research, one of the world’s largest independent investment research firms, users can analyze the underlying components of ETFs to quantify and compare sector, factor and other exposures. Xignite’s data quality team cross-validates ETF data between sources and proactively detects and corrects any missing information.

“Entries into ETFs have already set an annual record in 2021,” says Vijay Choudhary, vice president of product management for Xignite. “It is essential that our wealth management, trading, risk analysis, hedge fund and other Fintech clients have access to in-depth research on the ETF industry to make informed decisions on behalf of their clients. Added Choudhary.

Xignite APIs are cloud native and offer a robust selection of endpoints based on use cases. These endpoints are ready-made pieces of code that developers can easily integrate into their product or application, regardless of the type, amount or frequency of data, without the need for integration logic. complex. The available XigniteGlobalETF endpoints are:

GetHoldings – Returns all holdings sorted by percentage of portfolio weighting for the specified date.

GetETFCharacteristics – Returns the characteristics of one or more ETFs for the specified date.

GetVolatilityStatistics – Returns the average volume and volatility on the specified date.

GetFundFlows – Returns the fund flows for the selected ETFs.

GetFundFlowsRange – Returns the fund flows for a selected ETF over the specified time range.

GetHistoricalNAVs – Returns the historical NAVs of an ETF based on a start date and an end date.

GetNAVs – Returns the closing NAV for one or more ETFs for the specified AsOfDate.

GetTrailingReturns – Returns the ending returns for one or more ETFs for the specified date.

SearchETFs – Returns a list of ETFs that match the search parameters.

About Xignite

Xignite has been disrupting the financial and market data industry from its Silicon Valley headquarters since 2003, when it introduced the first commercial REST API. Since then, Xignite has continuously refined its technology to help fintechs and financial institutions get the most out of their data. Today, more than 700 customers access more than 500 cloud-native APIs and leverage a suite of specialized microservices to build efficient and cost-effective enterprise data management solutions. Visit xignite.com or follow on Twitter @xignite.

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