woman from Sun Lakes claims social security deposit was mistakenly frozen by bank | 3 on your side

A Sun Lakes woman turned to 3 On Your Side after saying the bank mistakenly suspended a Social Security deposit, preventing her from accessing the money.

SUN LAKES, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – Jeannette Robson likes to take a trip down memory lane from time to time. And my boy, does she have a lot of memories.

“This is my husband Tom with Nolan Ryan when they were in Texas,” Jeannette said as she browsed a family album with 3 On Your Side. Her late husband is Tom Robson, a former Major League baseball player who married Jeannette in a baseball game in 1968.

“It was the opposing team and our team. They touched the sticks from second base to home plate, ”said Jeannette, showing us a video.

Newspapers called the ceremony the 21st Bat Salute and Jeannette and Tom remained happily married until April of this year when, sadly, Tom passed away due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

“It was sad to go visit him and not be able to see him move or be the same,” recalls Jeannette.

But here’s the problem, Tom passed away on April 20 and his Social Security check was deposited into the couple’s Chase Bank account a day later on April 21. As a result, Chase Bank froze the deposit of $ 1,347 for fear that Social Security had given in error. money to a deceased man. But Jeannette says what Chase doesn’t know is that the $ 1,347 deposit is legitimate and dates back to March in which Tom lived.

“Social Security pays in arrears. So when you get paid in April, it’s a payment made in March. Tom was alive and well in March,” explained Jeannette.

Jeannette says she asked Chase Bank to release the $ 1,347 funds, but they refused. So, 3 On Your Side got involved, and after explaining the problem, Chase Bank agreed to release the holdback allowing this widow to access her $ 1,347. Jeannette says if it wasn’t for 3 On Your Side, she wonders if she would ever get this money.

“Gary Harper made that phone call, and then after that phone call I got a phone call from Chase Bank, and it’s all worked out,” Jeannette said. “So I’m very happy with 3 On Your Side. Gary did it!

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