Who is the symbol killer?

Deadwind season 3 is a crime drama series that follows two detectives, Karppi and Nurmi, as they pursue a brutal murderer who leaves a strange symbol near his victims. The series is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: this article contains major spoilers.

Plot Summary

Sofia Karppi returns to work as a homicide detective at the Helsinki Police Department after a year off for covering up her daughter’s drug dealing.

Silja Rautamaa, his new boss, assigns Karppi and his former partner, Nurmi, to a new case involving a woman brutally murdered in a cage at a former animal hospital. The victim’s back was severed and his arms and legs were tied together.

When Karppi examines the photos of the victim, she discovers that the attacker left a strange symbol on the body.

Rautamaa reveals that the victim was a 51-year-old woman named Tuuli Siren, who worked for a pharmaceutical company called Memfi. She was divorced and has a 28-year-old son, Ossi Siren.

Another homicide detective, Peltola, discovers that the victim’s younger sister, Sanna Siren, works at the same pharmaceutical company.

Karppi and Nurmi visit her, and she reveals that they are working on a new opioid withdrawal drug called Rehaxin, with Tuuli as the project manager and Sanna as the chemist overseeing the lab tests.

Meanwhile, Tuuli’s drug-addicted son, Ossi, starts shooting random people. Since he is the person of interest in the case, the detectives decide to apprehend him on his boat. When they get there, he starts shooting and runs away.

Rautamaa calls Karppi and informs him that another corpse has been found with the same symbol nearby.

The second victim was Olavi Schultz, who worked as a consultant on the Rehaxin project. They also discover that one of the drug company’s vans has been stolen, which is filmed near the last murder.

Karppi receives an intriguing call regarding her late husband, Jussi, revealing that his death was no accident. Karppi decides to find out who killed her husband.

Rautamaa informs Karppi and Nurmi that human remains have been found in a sewer and orders Karppi to investigate.

Karppi discovers that at least four skulls have been dug up in the sewers and whoever killed them tried to chemically dispose of their bodies.

Nurmi receives a call from the hospital informing her that Laura, her ex-girlfriend, was discovered unconscious on the street and is now suffering from temporary memory loss.

The next day, someone attacks Laura in the hospital. When Karppi and Nurmi arrive to investigate, Laura reveals that she knew the perpetrator.

He approached her on the street to tell her about a new drug that wouldn’t cause withdrawal symptoms or depression. He offered her a free place in the test group, and she accepted because she wanted to get rid of her drug addiction.

Karppi discovers that Krister Merihaara, Tuuli’s colleague, is the one who attacked Laura and orders all units to watch him.

They encounter Krister’s burnt-out car and his body hanging upside down in an alley with the same symbol on the wall.

The four sewer bodies are identified as drug addicts who participated in a failed withdrawal test.

Laura Salo, the fifth participant, managed to escape. They also discover that Krister organized these tests, but detectives are unsure whether he acted alone or with others.

When Ossi is found dead in his boat, Karppi and Nurmi search for more clues. They come across a hard drive on his boat containing several photos of a girl wearing a necklace with the same symbol found near the corpses.

They discover that the girl in the photo is Nea Paarma, who committed suicide in 2019 after a heroin overdose. Karppi and Nurmi find a connection between Tuuli Siren and Nea Paarma.

Nea was Tuuli’s patient who was depressed, but Tuuli did not provide her with proper treatment for depression.

In the midst of it all, with the help of his colleague, Karppi discovers dash cam footage that shows a woman with a birthmark on her neck standing beside the road when her husband was hit.

Deadwind Season 3 ending explained in detail:

Who killed Nea and Krister?

Karppi and Nurmi learn from Peltola that whoever killed Krister was left-handed, just like Sanna Siren. They search Sanna’s house and discover a hidden lab where she illegally created the drug.

Before they can apprehend her, she locks them in the lab and flees. However, the Symbol Slayer kidnaps and murders Sanna before Karppi and Nurmi can save her.

Detectives come to the conclusion that Sanna and Krister murdered Nea because she discovered their plan to create a poison that kills drug addicts without a trace.

They staged his suicide by injecting him with a cocaine overdose. They needed proof that the poison worked, so they killed drug addicts who needed help.

Krister wanted to make money from the poison as soon as possible, but when he messed up and Laura escaped, Sanna realized he would be caught. She killed him and imitated the same symbol near his body.

Do Karppi and Nurmi catch the symbol killer?

Karppi and Nurmi believe that Jouni Parmaa, Nea’s uncle, may have faked his death in an accident and is still alive, plotting revenge.

Nurmi reveals that he dated Nea before her death. She stole his cocaine, which he was using at the time, and Sanna used that cocaine to kill her. Karppi suspects the Symbol Killer is after Nurmi.

They dig deeper into Jouni Parmaa’s past by visiting an abandoned convent where he had spent the previous six months. They realize that Jouni Parmaa is the Symbol Killer when he attacks Karppi and runs away.

Later that night, Jouni Parmaa kidnaps Karppi’s son, Emil, who lives with his grandfather. He calls Karppi and threatens to kill her son if she doesn’t follow his instructions and kill Nurmi.

Detectives stage Nurmi’s death, and later Nurmi kills him before he can act on Karppi and his son.

Who killed Jussi?

When Karppi checks the messages on her husband’s phone, she learns that Jussi has been having an affair with someone.

Back at headquarters, she confronts Peltola, a co-worker of hers, after noticing that she has a birthmark on the back of her neck.

Peltola admits having an affair with Karppi’s husband, Jussi, and arguing with him because he didn’t want to be with her. So one night, during an argument, she pushed him, and a car hit him on the road.

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