Ultra-fast BT fiber vs Sky fiber

Take a look at our full BT review and our Sky review.

BT Fiber vs Sky Fiber at a glance

LV fiber Sky fiber
Availability Over 80% of homes and businesses in the UK can get it Over 60% of households in the UK can get it
Download speed Medium 36MB (BT Superfast Fiber Essential), medium 50MB (BT Superfast Fiber), medium 67MB (BT Superfast Fiber 2), medium 145MB (Ultrafast 1), medium 300MB (Ultrafast 2) Medium 59 MB (Sky Broadband Superfast)
Download speed Up to 19 MB Up to 18 MB
Use Unlimited 25 GB per month or unlimited
Road traffic management No No
Router BT Smart Hub Sky center
Wireless Yes – over five million access points Yes – more than 20,000 locations
Online security Yes, a free trial with some plans Yes, a free trial
Parental control Yes Yes
Minimum contract 12 months 18 months

* Information correct at time of writing. Keep in mind that offers may change the displayed price periodically, so compare offers to current prices.


Sky Fiber isn’t behind when it comes to deals – you can regularly get it for a discounted price, or with some sort of prepaid card or reward voucher included.

However, the BT offers are just as good – not only can you regularly get money or get it for free during the first few months of your contract, but you also get a prepaid card or voucher.

This is a very difficult category to judge – some weeks BT is better, some weeks Sky will have the advantage – so be sure to compare broadband before making a decision. If pushed, we would say BT’s offerings are slightly better overall.



When it comes to whether you can actually get it, BT (www.bt.com) licked Sky before Sky was done lacing his gloves. While Sky Fiber is available to 60-70% of homes in the UK, BT fiber-optic broadband is available to over 80% of homes and businesses.




Regarding residential telephony, BT fiber can be bundled with calls included on weekends, evenings and weekends, and at any time. Sky Fiber can be bundled with weekend calls, anytime within UK and anytime internationally. You can also add included and discounted international calls to BT fiber, so let’s call it a scoreless draw.

When it comes to television, there can only be one winner. While bundling BT TV with BT fiber costs less than half of what it costs to bundle Sky TV with Sky Fiber, Sky TV offers just about every channel you can get in the UK. – United, has all Sky Sports channels, has more HD channels and has just about all the features you can think of. Plus, you get Sky Q – a much better decoder than BT YouView.




According to the latest report from UK communications regulator Ofcom, published on complaints to service providers, BT has received more complaints about its broadband than average, while Sky has received fewer than average. In fact, Sky has received fewer broadband complaints than BT since at least 2012, so there is only one way to go …



Customer service

Again, we look to Ofcom to officiate this round. In his latest report on satisfaction with customer service of suppliers, Sky obtained an overall satisfaction rating well above average; and BT got a little below par. In fact, Ofcom’s research found that Sky’s customer service was better than BT’s in three of the past four years. Again, there is no competition …



You get Sky Broadband Shield, an online tool that prevents access to sites infected with malware and phishing and allows you to control what type of content is accessed at different times of the day, as well as a free trial of McAfee. Security Center with all Sky Fiber packages. . You also get unlimited use of Sky WiFi, available in over 20,000 locations across the country at no additional cost.

However, the LV fiber corresponds blow for blow. All packages come with BT parental controls. While this does not prevent anyone from going to sites infected with malware and phishing software like Sky Broadband Shield, BT NetProtect Plus, which is included with Unlimited BT fiber 1 or 2, does.

All BT fiber plans also include unlimited use of BT Wi-Fi, which somewhat exceeds Sky WiFi in terms of availability with over five million wireless access points in the UK and seven million overseas.

However, it’s BT Sport that sees BT take this turn – you get all three channels online and on your phone at an insanely low price with all BT fiber plans.




Sky Fiber makes it easy:

Package Download speed Monthly usage
Sky Broadband Superfast Average 59MB Unlimited

BT has a slightly extended menu, although most people can only get the first three:

Package Download speed Monthly usage
Ultra-fast BT Essential fiber 36 MB on average Unlimited
Ultra-fast BT fiber 50 MB on average Unlimited
Ultra-fast fiber BT 2 67 MB on average Unlimited
BT Superfast 1 Average 145 MB Unlimited
BT Superfast 2 300 MB on average Unlimited

BT’s basic fiber plan is faster than Sky’s. It also sells lightning-fast packages, although they are not yet widely available (we anticipate that will change in the years to come).




The price is hard to judge – both providers offer similarly priced packages, and both also regularly have deals and offers that can bring one down cheaper than the other.

In our experience, Sky is generally slightly cheaper than BT, at least for broadband. However, we recommend that you check the offers to see if this is currently the case.

Really though, there isn’t much of a difference – we recommend using our comparison tool above to see what deals are going on at the time you order your broadband.



Sky Fiber – but this could change based on currently available offers


All BT fiber packages come with the BT Smart Hub, which has some of the best router technologies you can get from any vendor. It features dual band Wi-Fi with the latest “wireless ac” standards, optimal security and advanced interference filters to give you a better and clearer Wi-Fi connection. It’s so cool.

With Sky Fiber, however, you’ll get a Sky Hub – which isn’t as good, with the latest generation of Wi-Fi (n) and slower USB ports, but it will still do the job just fine. You also have the option to upgrade to the Sky Q Hub, a much better router with all the latest technology.

But it still doesn’t quite compete with the BT Smart Hub – there’s no interference filter or smart scanner here.



BT high speed fiber optic … just


Hard to call this, as Sky uses BT’s network to provide its broadband, which means the upload and download speeds advertised for BT and Sky Fiber are more or less exactly the same.

But while Sky only offers average download speeds of 36MB and 63MB, BT also offers a mid-tier package with average speeds of 50MB. That amounts to a clear winner for us.




You can get both BT and Sky Fiber with totally unlimited usage. And you’ll never be artificially slowed down no matter what you do, because traffic management doesn’t apply to these plans.

So … there is no difference, really.


It’s a tie


Despite a late resurgence of Sky Fiber, we credit BT with the victory on points, thanks to its performance in terms of availability, extras and price. It was a very close encounter, with Sky Fiber more than just holding on, dominating customer service complaints and rounds – something to keep in mind when choosing between the two fighters.

You should also consider that while both offer similar speeds, what you actually get will depend on where you live. You can get an estimate of the speeds you’ll get at your address by going to www.bt.com and www.sky.com, clicking on the plan you’re interested in, and entering your zip code and phone number.

Overall winner


High speed optical fiber BT!

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