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The Vonhaus King Size Electric Blanket is a fantastic solution for chilly nights: it’s quick and simple to fit, heats up quickly and is easy to clean. Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable dual control electric blankets available at under £50. The only real issue is the placement of the control connectors – they’re stubbornly where most people’s shoulders would be, meaning you’ll either have to rotate it 180 degrees to get them around your feet, or add some padding.


For anyone who cringes at the thought of slipping into icy sheets, but can’t convince their partner to agree to an electric blanket, this Vonhaus design is a must. That’s because its dual controls offer great flexibility: you can turn on the heat on one side while letting the other side cool. Additionally, this blanket’s lowest setting is a mild 30°C.

It uses little power while doing it: each drive is just 60W, which means running both at maximum for an hour (based on 34p per kWh), will cost just over 4p. The only people who may feel left out are those with super king size beds as they are only available in this King Size and Double (sold as Vonhaus Double Electric Blanket).

Design and features

  • Controls detach for cleaning
  • Automatic shutdown in case of overheating
  • Three heat settings

Design-wise, the Vonhaus King Size Electric Blanket is pretty standard: its dimensions of H200 x W150cm measure up to the size of an average king-size mattress (6ft 6in x 5ft or H198 x L 152 cm), while its white polyester construction makes it durable. . The connector for the controls on each side forms a block of smooth plastic and is sunk enough not to sit under a pillow. Each control cable snaps firmly into place, so there’s no chance of it coming loose while you sleep.

Vonhaus King Size electric blanket suitable for bed
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There are three heat settings, ranging from 30°C to 55°C, as well as overheat protection, which activates if the blanket gets too hot. On really cold nights, it’s also a good idea to leave the lowest setting on while you sleep.

Vonhaus King Size Electric Blanket Off
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Each corner has elastic straps so they can be adjusted and removed quickly. In terms of maintenance, it’s minimal: removing the controls allows the blanket to be washed at 40°C – ideal if it gets dirty. A thoughtful finishing touch is a reusable zippered clear bag with carrying handles for storage during the summer: more useful than the boxes some electric blankets are packed in.

Vonhaus King Size Electric Strap for Electric Blanket
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  • Covers the mattress so no cold spots
  • Control connections are uncomfortable
  • Heats up in about 10 minutes

Unlike blankets that use cords to attach to a mattress, the Vonhaus King Size Electric Blanket’s elastic straps make the process much easier as they simply stretch over each corner. In this aspect, it may suit someone who struggles with their mobility. I also found it easy to attach the controls to either side as they click into place. Detaching them afterwards was trickier – even with the tab pulled to release them, I had to give them a very firm jerk.

However, the placement of the connectors is less convenient, as they are part of the cover just below where a pillow would sit. Although they were smooth, they tended to dig into my shoulders and arm while I slept, which meant I had to add padding for comfort. Another option to get around this problem is to choose the king-size version if you have a double mattress, so that the connectors are placed on the side rather than on the top. It was otherwise comfortable to sleep in – I didn’t feel any wires overnight.

King Size Vonhaus electric blanket suitable for bed with control cable
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I found the blanket to heat up quite quickly. On average, it took about 10 minutes to start getting pleasantly warm and half an hour to get very toasty on the high setting. I liked the design of the controls, with 0 at either end of the slider meaning there’s no chance of it activating when you actually try to turn it off. It also means that you can go directly from 0 to 3 without going through 1 and 2.

Vonhaus King Size electric blanket lit
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The blanket warmed the bed well: I didn’t find any cold spots and the heat spread to the bottom of the mattress.


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Should I buy it?

If you like the idea of ​​getting into a toasty warm bed without any hassle, this blanket has no cold spots and economical power consumption.

If you have a mattress larger than a king, the location of the connectors means they’ll likely dig into you as you sleep.

Final Thoughts

As an economical way to keep your bed warm, the Vonhaus King Size Electric Blanket is a great buy. It’s cheap to run if you only use it before bed, or only heat one side, and being able to wash it is a plus. The ease of installation and removal also makes a real difference: there’s no need to tie cords or lift your mattress. Realistically, it’s just the placement of the control connectors that prevents this from being a perfect product, but if you’re happy to get around that, this cover is a great value purchase. Light sleepers could try Slumberdown’s wonderfully warm electric blanket if comfort is non-negotiable.

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What sizes is the Vonhaus King Size Electric Blanket available in?

Besides the king size version we reviewed, there is also the Vonhaus double electric blanket for double beds.

What do the dual controls of the Vonhaus King Size electric blanket do?

Each person has individual heat controls, so two people can adjust to their perfect setting.

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