Top US Financial Advisors Surveyed Plan To Increase Crypto Allocations, 0% Plan To Cut

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Among advisors who are already investing in crypto, nearly 90% plan to increase their allocations over the next 12 months, while 0% plan to decrease, according to a recent survey by the New York-based firm. Nasdaq Sotck exchange. On average, advisors currently investing in crypto – or considering doing so – report that their ideal crypto allocation is 6% of a client’s total portfolio.

The survey collected responses from a group of 500 financial advisors, and it shows that of those advisors who are already investing in crypto, some 86% plan to increase their allocations over the next year.

At the same time, 0% plan to cut them, indicating that US financial advisors strongly believe in the potential of crypto to generate long-term profits.

On average, surveyed advisors who are currently investing in crypto or considering investing in crypto say that the ideal crypto allocation would be 6% of a client’s total investment portfolio.

According to Jake Rapaport, head of digital asset index research at Nasdaq,

“Over the past decade, financial advisors have focused on shifting assets to index funds. As they incorporate digital assets into their investment strategies, they are expressing strong interest in a similar vehicle that can provide broad asset class exposure for their clients.

Rapaport argued that “the vast majority” of advisors surveyed plan to start allocating to crypto or increase their existing crypto allocation, adding:

“As demand continues to grow, advisors will be looking for an institutional solution to the crypto question that now dominates client conversations.”

Additionally, 72% of US financial advisors would be more likely to allocate their clients’ assets to cryptoassets if a cash exchange-traded fund (ETF) was available for purchase in the US.

ETFs are financial instruments that trade on an exchange like stocks, but follow a specific market or asset, like bitcoin (BTC).

The exchange revealed that only 38% of financial advisors surveyed say it is likely that a spot crypto ETF could be approved by US regulators this year. Some 31% consider it unlikely to happen, 24% say it is neither likely nor unlikely and 7% say they are not sure, as survey data shows.

According to the survey, some 50% of professionals surveyed currently invest their clients’ money in bitcoin futures ETFs, and a further 28% intend to start using such instruments within the next 12 months.


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