This empowering language is not used to dating or hookup apps that want to woo women.

This empowering language is not used to dating or hookup apps that want to woo women.

Pure, a brand new location-based mobile solution, is designed to give women immediate access to casual sex. Will they use it normally?


Intimate feminine liberation? Yes, there is an app for the. At least, based on the creators of Pure, a location-based mobile connection solution that is nonetheless pending approval from the iTunes App Store. It should be ready to accept gentlemen and ladies, and all kinds of intimate directions, but its creators are doing a concerted job to attract the ladies. a press release announces that Pure is “liberating” and “gives women choice and freedom.” It is “the application that many women have imagined, but have never dared to demand,” he says. “For women who feel constrained by cultural restrictions to be chaste and monogamous, Pure allows them to sever ties as much or periodically as they wish. “

Ambitions, liberation, freedom, option!

As Ann Friedman reported of The New Yorker, Yannick Rolland created with the stated intention of creating a website that “empowers women”. The problem, needless to say, is when enough women really want this kind of app. It is a controversial subject, beyond the simple domain of applications. Sex therapist Carol Queen, who acts as a consultant on Pure, writes in a press release: “Some women, who are certainly not wired for monogamy, find erotic value in novelty.” thing, an idea which is certainly not so surprising whenever we describe men in this context. She advises Daniel Bergner’s “just exactly what the ladies want?” – make sure that women are as predisposed to variety as men are sexually, if not much more therefore – as proof that there is certainly a public for this type of software.

In one post, Queen tells me that contrary to popular view, “women aren’t constantly used to being convinced that they can just contain it. when they want sex, “she adds, however,” there are girls chilling out right now in pubs as well as on Craigslist whose goal is to be pleasurable without conditions “- and that would provide them also an alternative solution. “Women who aren’t involved with anyone, who just break up and don’t like to bounce back, who find this an interesting way to build a sexual adventure, or who will just be fucking horny right now, can all find this. stop vacation in the partial club, ”she says.

Pure is run by two guys who identify as “pomosexuals”: Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko. The gay hookup app Grindr and its right parent Blendr are two creations of gay male Joel Simkhai. As I wrote 2 years ago, it was absolutely “the direct female envy of gay male culture” following the insane popularity of Grindr that inspired Simkhai to produce Blendr – he says his female buddies have demanded an equivalent solution.

Sidorenko presents a similar story. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area annually and interviewed “a lot” of women between the ages of 20 and 60. His idea which is the app “has been fully accepted,” he said. “the concept they desire and without mercy or judgment – all the girls liked the concept. that they could show their intimate desires exactly how” Well, yes, the theory is – but think about it actually? He acknowledges that “there is certainly a lot of advice inside malaisiencupid com our society regarding how a woman should act intimately ”, and said,“ I recognize that it will be really a difficult goal just to involve a girl in this. “

It is hardly simply a problem to have women to stave off social goals and come to terms with their desires. Women also pose extremely real security concerns. On top of that, Pure wants to distance itself from its competitors who are also interested in female registrations by simply explaining sex clearly. “I think the point is that for Tinder and Blendr, there are a lot of people online and around and each of them is really ready for various things,” says Sidorenko. “Some of them want to talk, some want a romantic date, some are looking for a romantic relationship, most are bored.” The very first job of communicating with someone online before deciding to meet is usually just too “time consuming to eat,” he says. Simply put, Pure is a much more streamlined version.

It’s a bold idea, because dating apps that have proven to be successful with women, like Tinder, haven’t clearly made casual sex easier – and Pure goes further than that, making user interactions ahead of the curve. individual conference as short as humanly possible. But keep in mind that they haven’t bet their chips on the female sex.

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