The Polish Eagle will be added to the Mayor’s Chain of Newark as a symbol of enduring friendship at the request of the Polish Airmen’s Association

The wish of Poles in the UK to see their nation’s emblem added to the Mayor of Newark’s chain of office as a symbol of lasting friendship has been granted.

Members of the city council’s finance and general affairs committee met last night and unanimously agreed to accept the gift from the Association of Polish Airmen and said it would be an honour.

Newark’s ties to Poland date back to World War II, when a number of Poles who escaped the Nazi occupation of their homeland and took up arms in the interest of a free Europe. They played a major role in the Battle of Britain, then in the fight against the Germans. Many were stationed at airfields around Newark, and the city is custodian of 440 graves of Polish airmen, soldiers, and paratroopers.

The chain of office of the mayor of Newark. (59942788)

Many remained after the war as Poland was annexed by the Soviets and to this day Newark has a large Polish population.

At the meeting, Councilor Johno Lee, and Army veteran, said: “I totally support this being added to our channel.

Current Mayor of Newark Laurence Goff.
Current Mayor of Newark Laurence Goff.

“They are a big part of our history and going forward, it shows how much they want to be a part of Newark.

Laurence Goff, the current mayor, said Polish warlord General Władysław Sikorski was buried in Newark Cemetery with his men as he pleased after his death in 1943 until he was exhumed and repatriated home in 1993.

Mr Goff said adding the eagle to the chain, which would be detachable, would show Poland that we were grateful for their contribution and support for our freedom.

Arter Bildziuk, the president of the Association of Polish Crews, previously told the announcer that adding the eagle would be a fitting way to cement a forever bond.

“As an organisation, we see Newark as the most important place in the UK to have an association with Poland,” Mr Bildziuk said.

“It’s more than graves. The hearts of young people are always filled with romance. Our days may be short but our friendships are forever.

“The Poles have integrated into British life, no more so than in Newark. The relationship is to be admired.”

It was also agreed to make a second addition to the Mayors’ Channel in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

This proposal was originally put forward earlier this year, but with world events unfolding, it was decided at the time to give the money to Ukraine instead.

However, the proposal came back on the table when Councilor Max Cope offered to privately fund the addition in memory of his late father Roland, who was a highly respected member of city council for 20 years and twice served as mayor. of Newark. .

Former Newark Mayor Roland Cope, father of current Councilman Max.  (59968216)
Former Newark Mayor Roland Cope, father of current Councilman Max. (59968216)

The addition will have a dedication inscription to Mr. Cope senior on its lapel, and was warmly welcomed by all.

It will only be the second and third additions to the chain since it was gifted to the city council by former mayor Tidd Pratt 125 years ago.

James V. Hayes