The Lost Symbol: The Da Vinci Code Prequel Series on Sky

D.on the screen. After the successes in the cinema of Da Vinci’s Code, Angels and Demons And Hellfor the work of Dan Brown – multi-billionaire writer – it’s time to The lost symbolTV series airing tonight at 9.15pm on Sky and NOW, for five weeks. Also based on a bestselling book, released in 2009.

Ten episodes that tell the first investigations of the famous professor of religious symbolism at Harvard University, Robert Langdon. Played by the young man Ashley Zukermaninstead of tom hankand grappling with deep mystery in the halls of the Capitol in Washington, where Trump supporters raided in January of this year.

The lost symbol: the parcel

Robert Langdon (Ashley Zukerman), the famous professor of religious symbology at Harvard University, receives a phone call from his mentor’s assistant Peter Solomon – could get to Washington quickly give a lecture at the Capitol?. The bitter surprise is that there is no one in the room where there should be an audience waiting.

Not even Peter, that a guy later identified as Mal’akh (Beau Knapp) he says he is kidnapped, and that if Robert wants to see him again, he must help him find the entrance to a portal. First clue, the severed hand of the friend placed to indicate the fresco painted on the dome of the Capitoline Hall modeled on the Temple of Vesta in Rome.

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Sky Now Tv

Actors Rick Alvarez and Ashley Zukerman.

Like him, even the CIA is sure that the kidnapping hide a plot much older, and without a formal takeover – between Robert, Agent Inoue Sato (Sumalee Montano) and a policeman – A task force is created to put the pieces of the puzzle together, joined by Peter’s daughter, Katherine (Valorie Curry). A race against time as the mysterious figure of Mal’akh proves more adept than any prediction.

Confrontation with Tom Hanks

Despite Tom Hanks’ Unsustainable Hair first Leonardo da Vinci’s codeyear 2006 – it is a little difficult to take the place of the actor; Apart from the hairstyle, there is charisma and presence. Perhaps that is why the creators of The lost symbol have chosen the calm, almost colorless face of young Ashley Zukerman. Who shrewdly doesn’t try to ape the good Hanks.

the lost symbol dan brown tv series sky

Tom Hanks in “Angels and Demons”.

The first episode does something Dan Brown’s literary world knows all too well: confuse from the get-go.. Drastic changes in pace e new characters follow each other relentlessly, without any explanation and it’s up to the viewer to gradually pick up the pieces. AND Brown style, on paper, is ideal for seriality because the unfolding of the action sticks perfectly to the broken rhythms of a television series.

The Lost Symbol Dan Brown Sky

Actors Ashley Zukerman, Sumalle Montano and Rick Gonzalez.

Corn unfortunately from the second episode, The lost symbol trudge already. Because creators, instead of focusing on action – one of the founding rules of writing, especially on television: “show but don’t tell” – they are based on long explanatory dialogues. Which continually break the tension.

Langdon thus finds himself lost in explanations of symbols, clues and reconstructions of historical episodes.slow down the natural development of the plot.

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And unfortunately references to films directed by Ron Howard are not enough, placed there to evoke the ideal connection with the high tension typical of Dan Brown’s joints. With a million dollars at the box office, the three titles made by the director of rebel hearts they had achieved a perfect balance between spectacle and introspection. A mixture which, judging by the first episodes of The lost symbolamong lost languages, carved pyramids, and secret passageways, lies the series’ greatest mystery.


James V. Hayes