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It was reported by The Associated Press that Christine Smith, 32, owes more than $60,000 for her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado.

She says, “If President Biden had chosen to provide more student debt relief, it would have especially had a greater impact for black women” like her.

She said statistics show black people hold a larger share of student debt than white people because they don’t have wealthy families to help fund their education.

Dallas lawyer Adwoa Asante borrowed $147,000 in federal loans to attend Emory University law school, graduated in 2015, and repaid $15,000.

With interest, she still owes more than $162,000.

Asante, who is black, said a $10,000 loan forgiveness was better than nothing, but “Completed” forgiveness would go much further to improve the wealth gap between black and white Americans, saying, “If the Biden administration or any other government administration is concerned about fairness, it just doesn’t make sense to force people who can’t afford it to withdraw money so they can go to school.”

What a completely idiotic statement.

Here goes the freebee rant again. As a student, how do they not know the definition of a “loan – something that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that must be repaid with interest by the borrower.”

It is not an authorized gratuity. On a given horse one does not look at the teeth. But that doesn’t seem like enough for some people until it’s full loan forgiveness.

Roxine Copp


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