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BEggers may not be the choice. This is kept in mind by some conservative lawmakers, roughly 45 ordinary men and women with the crazy idea that the government must be accountable to Congress for breaking the manifesto promise. It wasn’t the idea it was. However, if the speaker had it the day before Deportation attempts to force meaningful votes There were few other options for plans to cut UK foreign aid from 0.7% to 0.5% of 28% GNI. Finally, an emergency debate with symbolic vote will have to be done if anyone cares.

Yes Andrew MitchellFormer Secretary of State for International Development and nominal leader of the Rebel Alliance, disappointed with the demotion to yesterday’s story, he did not show it. Again, politicians don’t grasp moral highs every day. He began by congratulating the speaker on one of the “strongest remarks from the President” he had heard the day before.

How quickly John Bercow will be forgotten. The former president is said to have asked the government to break its commitments and engage in outdoor activities. In fact, there’s a good chance he allowed a meaningful vote the day before, regardless of whether he felt the proposed amendment was within the scope of the original bill. Just for this hell. He put himself in the center of the stage and couldn’t resist the opportunity to cause a bit of trouble.

Mitchell then said he would not vote for the debate. Why bother everyone when it’s unnecessary? Instead, he set about embarrassing the government by observing that he was a rebel on this issue. All households were elected in the manifesto of maintaining a 0.7% foreign aid budget. Boris Johnson And the Prime Minister who effectively reversed his promise. They were the ones who had to explain to voters why tens of thousands of people in the poorest countries were happy to die.

Tory Bernard Jenkin was not happy with Mitchell’s request and was temporarily suspended, saying he was doing a lot more in the world to make up the difference. I couldn’t find a concrete example off the top of my head. Mitchell only encouraged Jenkin to stay in the discussion for the remaining three hours and provide more information. In less than 15 minutes, Bernie left the room. He clearly has an aversion to self-improvement.

Mitchell ended up tying the cut to Johnson, who seeks popularity among ‘red wall’ voters who disliked the idea of ​​spending money overseas. He said it was deeply condescending. Repeated surveys have shown that Red Wall voters have always been the first to respond to global humanitarian disasters. It was not the first time that the Prime Minister risked misunderstanding the mood of the people. Nor was it a great sign of global leadership to be the only G7 country to cut aid during a pandemic. Especially when I was hosting a summit in Cornwall on the weekends.

It was up to Steve Berkley, the Chief Secretary of the Treasury, to answer on behalf of the government. Needless to say, he looked utterly miserable and was angry all the time. Obviously, some ministers drew a lot to see who would get the job, and Berkeley chose a short straw.

Berkeley was visibly boring and didn’t even try to support much of his consistent defenses. The best thing he could find was that the government found over £ 250 billion to bail out Britain during the pandemic and something had to give. And that was a £ 4bn difference between 0.5% and 0.7%. It was the turning point between the full recovery of the country and the complete collapse of everything in Britain. He was an outsider every time when faced with the choice to annoy some people in Britain a little and kill many foreigners because of malnutrition and disease.

It quickly deteriorated for Berkeley. At first he couldn’t remember how much the extra 1p of income tax would increase, then he started to contradict himself. Thanks to the government’s excellent response to the crisis, the UK recovered in a year and was unable to recover enough to quickly return to its 0.7% commitment. He also ignored Mitchell’s olive branch, which would write everything as a momentary anomaly if foreign aid returned to legal limits the following year. Government policy term.

But that was not the end of Berkeley’s pain. Just as parliamentarians must have listened to parliamentarians on both sides of the House after expressing their distaste for Britain, the only major developed country to cut spending during the global crisis. It was as humiliating as making a fool of myself. Unlike Bernie, he couldn’t escape. He was forced to suck in shame for the entire three hours of the debate. What he did for the little ones …

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