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State-by-State Enhanced Allocations and Subsidies: PM

Published on: Wednesday April 27, 2022

By: Bernama

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Kuala Lumpur: The government has improved the allowances and grants given to each state this year, including providing further flexibility to state governments in the use of the allowance under the Malaysian Road Records Information System funds ( Marris) totaling RM5 billion. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the improved allocation and subsidies for state governments was decided at the National Finance Council meeting he chaired on Tuesday and attended by the Menteri Besar and representatives of chief ministers of all states. He said the easing of the use of the Marris funds allocation was primarily to fund all maintenance, repairs, replacements and alterations to roads, bridges, drains, sewers and slopes along national roads damaged by flooding, including in local authority areas. .

“The federal government has always been committed to ensuring that its relations with state governments are always at the best possible level. “This aspiration is manifested through increased allocations channeled through various forms of grants to state governments each year,” he said in a statement on Tuesday. The Prime Minister said the government had also agreed to review the Marris funds and was ready to amend relevant guidelines and legislation to ensure the allocations could be fully used by state governments by widening the scope of the Marris funds to include road maintenance under the Agricultural Programme. Development Authority. Apart from this, he said the Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) allowance will also be increased from RM70 million to RM100 million as a specific incentive to states that have created new areas to be protected.

“The incentive is to increase efforts to preserve and conserve terrestrial and marine biodiversity areas,” he said. To further boost the momentum of the Malaysian family’s economic recovery, Ismail Sabri said that a contribution of RM330 million had been made to the State Reserve Fund to finance the grants based on economic development, infrastructure and well-being (Tahap). He said a committee chaired by the Secretary General of the Treasury will be set up to review Tahap’s calculation formula, criteria and method of distribution. “This demonstrates the federal government’s commitment to empowering state governments to implement development projects based on their priorities and needs,” he said.


Ismail Sabri also expressed hope that state governments would make full use of all grants, especially to ensure the welfare and well-being of the Malaysian family.
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