Stakeholders warn FCTA against changing regional council allocations

Following the steady decline in monthly allocations to regional councils, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) stakeholders have called on the FCT administration to stop manipulating regional council allocations due to political affiliations if the government is serious about development in rural communities.

A former statesman, Mr. Danjuma Tanko Dara, who spoke on behalf of other FCT stakeholders at a press briefing yesterday, said that instead of changing the allocations of regional councils, the government should develop modalities to increase these allocations.

He said there was no way to properly develop rural communities unless adequate funds were given to council chairpersons to run communities at the grassroots and impact indigenous peoples.

Dara said the decline in council allowance rebate is unacceptable and it must be clear to the Minister of FCT to know and understand that the shared allowances at the federal level and in Abuja are only for the regional council projects and not federal projects. .

“Therefore, there are several federal projects in all the states of Nigeria which do not depend on the allocation from the state government or local government council. I want to call on FCT lawmakers to review the management of the FCT stipend and ensure it is used for what it was allocated for.

“Isn’t it surprising that surrounding communities near and far are extremely cut off from social amenities, especially clean water, good roads, hospitals and schools, among other basic amenities?

“There is a need for the government to improve the monthly stipends of the zonal councils because money is very important to bring governance closer to the grassroots and ensure that they have improved their standard of living through the provision of base,” he said.

He pointed out that the regional councils have the same status as the state local governments, thus counting the constitutionality among the local governments of the federation.

“Thus, whoever is in charge of the FCT is not constituted to control the resources of the FCT, because it is the responsibility of the regional council to have access to their allocations for the development of the whole FCT.

“The appointment of ministers is not constitutional for them to alter the allocations of regional councils. So it would be very unfair for the party in power to think of saying that it is going to withhold allocations from councils that are governed by the opposition party because they are not members of the same party.

“We want to say that the people of Abuja will continue to follow the government which is for the people, and any undemocratic behavior by any administration will be immediately resisted by the people of Abuja,” he said.

James V. Hayes