Sri Lanka import controls temporary: BC governor

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lankan medium growth teas rose an average of 13.7% to Rs 1,436 per kilogram at the August 24 auction, while high growth teas slipped 1.2% to 1,436 rupees, according to industry data.

Small crops also gained 0.2% to 1654.03, according to data released by Ceylon Tea Brokers.

Low growth

Low-growing teas, grown mainly by smallholders and exported to the Middle East and Central Asia, are now the most sought after and expensive Ceylon teas.

Low-growth CTC prices slipped this week to 1,379.21 per kilogram this week from 1,567.04 per kilogram last week.

Orthodox teas rose slightly to 1,670.28 per kilogram from 1,657.57 per kilogram.

medium culture

The CTC medium crop category fell to Rs 1,092.60 per kilogram from Rs 1,143.07 per kilogram.

Western average down 22.95 rupees to 1,193.69 this week.

Uva teas fell from 53.01 rupees to 1,335.84 rupees per kilogram.

high grown

CTC High Grown fell from 219.57 rupees per kilogram to 1,361.44 rupees per kilogram.

Western High fell by 2.76 rupees to 1,512.95 rupees per kilogram.

While Uva fell by 7.17 rupees to 1,324.96 rupees per kilogram.

Sri Lankan tea has gained higher prices for tea exports in rupees after the currency depreciated in March against the US dollar in 2022.

This week, 4.7 million kilograms were put up for sale.

Next week, 4.4 million kilograms will be offered

In all growing regions, showers and thunder are expected over the coming week with occasional clear weather.

From August begins Sri Lanka’s second monsoon cycle.

(Colombo/August 28, 2022)

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James V. Hayes