Some of the best home loans for investors and refinancers in April 2022

While the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept the national cash rate unchanged at its April 2022 meeting, economists at Australia’s major banks are now predicting that interest rates could start to rise as early as June 2022. This could not only increase the cost of mortgage repayments, but could affect property values, which could present new challenges for real estate investors and homeowners considering refinancing.

It is important to carefully compare and consider your home loan options when buying or refinancing a property. To help make this process faster and easier, you can check out the RateCity Rankings, which rank home loans into different categories based on their Real-Time Ratings™. By combining the cost and flexibility of different mortgage offers into a simple, daily-updated star rating, you can quickly get a better idea of ​​the overall value different home loans can offer.

(Rankings correct at time of publication. Please note that lenders may swap places on the list as interest rates and fees change and RateCity’s tracker reflects these movements.)

Some of the Best Refinance Home Loans

Some economists predict that if interest rates start to rise after the RBA raises the cash rate, it could lead to an eventual decline in property prices as larger home loans become less affordable for some borrowers, such than first-time home buyers. There is a risk that this will make refinancing a home loan more difficult if your capital is affected by changes in property values, making it important to compare refinance home loans carefully.

Some of the Best Variable Home Loans for Investors

With major banks planning rate hikes as early as June 2022, mortgage payments could potentially increase by as much as $500 by 2023 according to research from RateCity. Investors looking to limit the effect of interest rate hikes on their budget may consider comparing variable rate investment loans.

Some of the best 5-year fixed rate loans for investors only

Investors who would rather lock in a lower interest rate than risk budget-hit rate hikes may want to compare fixed rate investment mortgage offers, as several major banks have raised their fixed rates, sometimes twice in a week. Choosing interest-only repayments could potentially help ease some budget pressures for a limited time, although you might end up paying more interest on the property over the longer term.

Some of the best green home loans

One of the many reasons some homeowners consider refinancing is to add green features to their home, such as solar panels and batteries. With today’s higher cost of living, these features could help provide long-term relief to utility bills, as well as the environment. Several lenders are offering green home loans with these renovations in mind, allowing borrowers to refinance and access the money needed to update their property.

Green real estate loan

Winner of Best Green Home Loan, RateCity Gold Awards 2022

Winner of Best Green Home Loan, RateCity Gold Awards 2022

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