Shiba Inu blocked a user who tried to draw a hate symbol

shiba inus

Shiba Inu is a decentralized cryptocurrency and it recently posted on social media that one of its users’ wallet addresses was blocked for drawing a swastika. This symbol was drawn by the user with help from the land of Metaverse. According to Shiba Inu, the wallet will be identified by Metaverse and will be placed.

Shiba Inu took strict action against user for drawing swastika

This means that the user for his violation will be blacklisted and will not be able to participate in any area of ​​the platform. The start of the trial was on April 12 and there was a SHIB Metaverse Land Sale where nearly 36,000 plots were up for sale. is a crypto enthusiast and locked ecosystem token LEASH with Shiboshi NFTs were the only people who could bid on Metaverse square lands for 0.2-1.0 ETH each.

Each time someone bid on a lot, the texture would change from gray to black as seen on the map. Some Shiba Inu members in the Discord community discovered that an unknown user was bidding on land in a pattern that eventually formed a swastika symbol. However, when the news broke, SHIB holders immediately spent money bidding on the side lands around the swastika until a window shape formed.

The majority of enthusiasts supported the developer’s decision to block the user and try to create an environment that would foster positivity and acceptance. One of the Twitter users named ‘DMCREDI’ posted after the ban that he felt at home and opted for a language that suited him. An official message from SHIB said there will be updates in the metaverse and strict action will be taken against people who try to spread negativity.

James V. Hayes