Senate probes service-wide vote allocations N1.7trn

The Senate, through its Public Accounts Committee, has decided to investigate the use of more than 1.7 trillion naira in service-wide vote allocations in the 2017-2021 budgets paid to government agencies.

The chairman of the committee, Senator Matthew Urhoghide, who made the point during the committee meeting, said the recipient government agencies should explain how they used the funds.

He added that service-wide voting is a cash out when there is a capital and overhead shortfall.

A service-wide vote, also known as a consolidated revenue fund charge, is more or less the country’s provident fund in the annual budget.

It is a huge sum of money that is kept for unforeseen expenses. The recurrent expenditure part of the fund is what is actually called the SWV, while the capital part of it is called Capital Supplementation.

The SWV is domiciled at the Federal Ministry of Finance.

The President also directed the Acting Accountant General of the Federation, Okolieaboh Sylva, who appeared before the committee, to submit details of the service-wide vote disbursement as soon as possible.

According to him, “We want you to submit the service-wide vote disbursement details, let us have it as soon as possible, please, we want speed.

“The other one you are concerned about is the 2017-2021 service-wide vote disbursement, you haven’t submitted the 2021 disbursement, let us have the 2022 disbursement as soon as possible, the reason is that we have 797 agencies to process, we have decided to put them on hold until we receive your 2021 report, so as not to start writing new 2021 letters again as soon as possible.

“We need to incorporate it into our report, let us know you have a level of cooperation with us, give us hard copies for our members to study.

“We have to take you first before any other agency, you will have to appear the first week of our recovery.”

Speaking further to reporters, Urohgide said agencies must explain how service-wide votes collected were spent, adding that the committee will need to know who authorized the disbursement of funds from service-wide votes. , who made the request, the authority which incurred the expenditure and the supporting documents.

He said that for the first time, the Senate was doing a service-wide survey of votes.

It should be recalled that Senator Urhoghide had earlier complained about SWV, noting that they (the Senate committee) had yet to find out how disbursements for SWV both recurrent and capital expenditures were used.

According to the legislator, his committee has made several attempts over the past few years to ensure that heads of ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) are accountable for what they get from the SWV, but all efforts have been in vain. .

James V. Hayes