Pro-Active Commercial Lending Group, LLC Launches Private Money Loans for Houston Apartment Financing

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, July 18, 2022 / — Pro-Active Commercial Lending Group, LLC, a private lending company that has worked with many small businesses, recently launched a service that offers loans of apartments in Houston to real estate investors. It pairs the country’s leading private lenders with investors to provide private money loans that have fewer regulations and credit restrictions than those offered by banks for real estate financing.

These loans are specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate investors, and their terms have only gotten better over the years. They offer a considerable degree of flexibility allowing the company to help companies and investors find capital, which otherwise would not be eligible for loans from banks and credit unions due to restrictions and levels. precarious risk.

Private money loans range from 6 months to 30 years, giving borrowers ample time to develop their investment project. At the same time, the absence of a prepayment penalty prevents borrowers from incurring additional costs if things go much faster than expected and they choose to repay the loan early. The withdrawal programs make updating property quick and easy, and the purchase program allows investors to take advantage of opportunities when the business climate is good.

At the launch, company founder Bruce Myles said, “A large majority of our customer base is made up of hard-working people who have good credit and financial standing. These are entrepreneurs who have gone through difficult times. Many did not survive, and those who did are looking for a way to bounce back without government bailouts. And the last recession has only made it more difficult for them, as it has brought many new restrictions, and overcoming these and FDIC requirements requires a certain amount of work and financial stability to to qualify.

ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC aims to provide opportunities for more commercial investors interested in growing and expanding their portfolios in the Houston real estate market with their service. The influx of people and growing job market has made the city one of the healthiest economies in the United States, and this economic growth has made its apartment rental business better than most other places. .

About Pro-Active Commercial Lending Group, LLC: Founded by Bruce Myles in 2003, ProActive Commercial Lending Group, LLC, is a private lending company that provides services that connect small and medium businesses and investors with private lenders for their financial needs.

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