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NOTICE: Recent projects are a symbol of future progress

Posted at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, August 19, 2022

By JOYANNA LOVE | Chief Editor

It’s exciting to see construction happening on projects I’ve already written announcement pieces for.

I first wrote about Ellianos and Starbucks coming to town last year. When the first possible open days were mentioned, they seemed so far away. Now those dates have come and gone with new dates being put in their place. Construction has started, and some aspects have been delayed. Construction is nearing completion and anticipation for the opening is growing in the community.

Other projects have also been announced recently, including Family Dollar/Dollar Tree in Maplesville and a planned hotel on Interstate 65, exit 205.

Regardless of one’s feelings about these establishments, the fact remains that each of them will create more tax revenue for local governments to continue what they do for the community and potentially improve it. .

Covering budget meetings isn’t always the most exciting thing I’ll do in a week, but it does provide some insight into how an entity spends its tax revenue. Each of the meetings where budgets are approved by local governments is open to the public. The budget is also a public document. Sometimes it is posted on the government website, but it can be viewed at city hall, town hall or the relevant courthouse upon request from the appropriate clerk.

Government staff often give comparisons of the previous year’s income and expenses to the projected budget to show where there have been increases or decreases. These comparisons can help show trends in costs that have increased or trends in governing body priorities.

Although spending on roads is what county residents see most readily, it is only a small part of the budget that local governments must plan each year.

Less visual spending is no less important to sustaining the community than more visual spending.

Not all community progress is as easy to spot as a new building, but these construction projects help raise the level of excitement for many community members.

James V. Hayes