Noise IntelliBuds: Gesture controls provide a smart extra edge

Guess what’s common to most consumer devices these days: less is more. For example, the latest laptops are thinner without USB ports, cell phones lack home buttons, and headphones lack wires. In audio technology, gadgets are going wireless like plants shed their leaves in the fall. Wireless headphones are the new fad, widely advertised as True Wireless Stereo (TWS); these use Bluetooth signals instead of wires or cables to transfer sound.

Wireless headphones from Apple, Samsung and Sony are sought after, but they are expensive. If you are looking for a good but affordable option, then Noise’s IntelliBuds headphones are worth your hard-earned money. A gesture-controlled TWS priced at 4,999, it is the second product developed in the local brand’s technology incubator, Noise Labs. Consumers can now shake their head to reject a call or change a music track and nod to accept calls no matter what they are doing. The device has trained algorithms to work in different situations like standing, sitting, walking, running, and going up or down stairs.

Another cool feature is the Hot Voice Command. All you have to do is say “Hey Headphones” followed by the command – Accept/Reject for incoming calls, Play/Pause/Next/Previous for music, Transparency on/off to activate the mode and Assistant to access to the respective functionalities.

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Sharing music between multiple users is another innovative feature. Users can pair secondary IntelliBuds to the primary IntelliBud without having to connect to the primary device (smartphone or laptop, wherever you consume media). All you have to do is press and hold the right earbud to activate the music sharing option on the primary earbuds and press and hold the left earbud on the secondary earbuds to activate music reception.

You can actively use voice commands to turn Transparency mode on when in public or off when not in use, to reduce background disturbance. For music lovers, the company has added a custom equalizer to allow them to fine-tune their music listening experience.

Connected to the compatible Android NoiseFit Smart app, the Noise IntelliBuds offer a whole new level of customization, including a selfie remote and quick mute, which adds to the overall ease of use. Equipped with intelligent battery optimization and Instacharge, the IntelliBuds deliver 9 hours of battery life on a single charge with 36 hours of playtime. In addition, they are equipped with HyperSync and a powerful 600 mAh battery.

One thing that sets the IntelliBuds apart from the crowd is their comfort. They’re super lightweight and you’ll basically forget you’re wearing them. They offer decent audio output, although I think the sound quality could have been better. Connectivity with mobile phone or laptop is stable and the backup battery is fine. Good for music lovers on a budget.

Smart gesture controls Up to 36 hours of battery life
30 minutes of charging = 9 hours of battery life
Customizable equalizer
Transparency mode, music sharing
Estimated retail price: Rs 4,999

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James V. Hayes