New YouTube Video Player for Android and iOS Shows All Interactive Controls in One Place

Over the past few years, YouTube has become one of the most viewed content sharing platforms. YouTube has millions of creators who create content on almost any topic possible. The Google-owned platform is also working on its video players for Android and iOS. More recently, YouTube Video Player for Android and YouTube Video Player for iOS have received a new look.

The new YouTube video player makes it easier for viewers to interact with video. It does this by bringing together all the interactive features such as liking, disliking, logging in, saving to playlist, and sharing in one place, where they can be accessed while watching the video in full screen mode. The old version of the video player also had all these features, but they were to be revealed after sliding into the More Videos section.

New YouTube video player brings landscape mode controls

As mentioned earlier, the new YouTube video player only appears when watching videos in full-screen or landscape mode. The experience of looking at a view in portrait mode remains the same. It displays additional information about the video like upload date, number of views, likes and description. From what it looks like, the new YouTube video players were designed to make video interaction features more inclusive.

All the features mentioned above are located at the lower left corner of the YouTube video player, below the video timeline. Additionally, there are minor changes in the font size with which the YouTube video name appears in the upper left corner of the screen. In the top right corner of the new YouTube video player, you have the option to view live chat, cast the video to another screen, access subtitles, and open playback settings.

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James V. Hayes