Ministry of Education allowances reduced by 38%

ISLAMABAD: Like a massive budget cut for other ministries, the cash-strapped administration of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif allocated about 38% less development funds to the Federal Ministry of Education and Training compensation in the coming fiscal year compared to those granted for the current fiscal year.

According to the 2022-23 federal budget documents, the ministry will receive 6 billion rupees in the next financial year compared to 9.7 billion rupees last year. Of the funding, 5.85 billion rupees are for 25 ongoing projects and only 149.33 million rupees for two new projects.

The largest sums of money for ongoing programs will go to the Pandemic Response Effectiveness Project – Rs 1.6 billion, the Prime Minister’s Special Program for the Implementation of the Skills for All Strategy as a catalyst for the development of the technical and vocational education and training sector – 1.187 billion rupees, and recovery and resilience plan for Covid-19 – 1.178 billion rupees.

The Ministry of Education will receive Rs 150.74 million for awarding scholarships to 1,600 talented students from illegally Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The project was approved in May 2019 for 2.05 billion rupees and has so far received 888.21 million rupees. Out of the total approved cost, the project needs 1.16 billion rupees for successful execution, but next year’s allocations amount to 150.74 million rupees.

In addition, the government approved Rs106.31 million for the establishment of the National Curriculum Council, the approval of which came at a meeting last June. According to the documents, 234.74 million rupees have been allocated for the project. Out of the total approved cost, the project still requires Rs 486.07 million to complete. However, the finance division has only allocated Rs 106.31 million for the project for the financial year 2022-23.

James V. Hayes