Medicare prices control the wrong tactic to cut costs

As my parents got older, I made it my priority to take on additional responsibilities and help care for them. Like many adults who take on the role of caregiver for their parents, it also means that I have begun to pay more attention to the policies that impact their health care. That’s why when I learned Congress was considering a proposal that could affect access to medicine, I thought it was important to speak up.

Even though price control policies like Medicare negotiation are marketed as a great way to lower healthcare costs for patients, that’s just not all. The more I learn, the more convinced I am that if politicians really wanted to save patients and consumers money, they would target their efforts on insurers or drug benefit manager intermediaries – the real drivers of astronomical outlays. .

Instead, they push for policies like price controls that could lead to limited access to new treatments and fewer new drugs being created over the next few decades. I hope that level leaders will prevail on this issue and that our members of Congress will reject policies that might come between families and their care.

Adrienne Englund


James V. Hayes