Mallika Sherawat on being called a sex symbol: Men love me in India and I love them back

The famously murderous actress, Mallika Sherawat, is currently promoting her upcoming film. During her recent interview, she said that after Murder she was seen as a sex symbol in the Bollywood industry. Talking about people’s reaction on her for wearing Bikini, she said average Indian always liked me but women are vicious with me.

Mallika Sherawat, in her recent interview, said her glamor is too much for people to handle. Speaking about her bikini scene in a murder, she said: “I think my glamor was overwhelming for them. I’m not sorry about that. I wore a bikini in the murder and actresses have worn bikinis before me too but I was so nonchalant about it. I was like I had a great body. Do you want me to wear a sari to the beach? No, I will wear a bikini.

Speaking about other women’s reactions to her, she added: ‘I celebrated my body because for me it was very liberating for me. But it was too much for people to handle, especially women. The men had no problem with me. Men love me in India and I love them back. It’s just some women who are so mean to me. I don’t know why because I love brotherhood. I like supporting money.

Mallika’s RK will face Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera on July 22. Mallika Sherawat debuted in 2003 and a year later appeared in Murder. Murder, starring Mallika and Emran Hashmi, becomes one of the biggest hits of the year. The film established them both as a sex symbol.

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