Local historian calls for ‘top-notch’ county museum in Roscommon

Daniel Curley of Taughmaconnell.

A prominent historian and archaeologist from Roscommon has called for the establishment of a “first-rate, permanently staffed” museum in the town of Roscommon.

Daniel Curley, who is currently undertaking doctoral research in archeology and is the director of the Rathcroghan Visitor Center in the town of Tulsk, north of Roscommon, made his call for the museum in a bid under the new process Roscommon County Council Development Plan.

Mr Curley called on the local authority to “explore the possibilities” of establishing a full-time museum for Roscommon “in the county town” to conserve some of the county’s many objects of international heritage value. He also said the museum would serve as a suitable hub from which to recognize and present the many significant heritage sites that are preserved in County Roscommon. “It would be a significant source of direct and indirect economic, employment and social value for the county, and for the city of Roscommon, more specifically,” the submission said.

The Taughmaconnell native, passionate about exploring the archeology and heritage of his native county, said he had “an intense interest in the past” from a young age. He considers himself lucky to be able to use his skills as both an archaeologist and historian in his region through his role at the Rathcoghan Visitor Center, and likes nothing better than to bring visitors around the Center and to show them the medieval aspects of the landscape. around Tulsk, Ard Caoin and Rathcroghan.

In addition to being a member of the Taughmaconnell Historial and Heritage Group, Daniel Curley has presented and published on a wide range of topics related to the history and folklore of his native region.

It was his interest in preserving artefacts from the past that led him to submit a proposal to the County Roscommon Development Plan, and he strongly believes that a purpose-built county museum with a permanent staff would be “a great asset” to the local community.

While stressing that he and the Rathcroghan Center fully support the existing County Museum for Roscommon and his volunteers, which is based in the city of Roscommon, he believes that a new modern and purpose-built facility is needed in order to preserve the many artifacts from the past which are now housed in various locations across the country.

To further illustrate this point, he explained that a watermill which was discovered in the town of Kilbegley, in the parish of Moore, and is reputed to be one of the best Early Middle Ages watermills preserved in Europe dating from 650-850 AD. , is currently stored in Dubin.

He argued that if a new bespoke county museum was created in the town of Roscommon, it would bring home invaluable items like the watermill, where they could be properly preserved and displayed for everyone’s enjoyment.

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