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While today’s windows may have more holes than a pair of 20-year-old boxer shorts, Microsoft has continued to tune into previews of the next iteration, Windows 11.

After experiencing the excitement of Integrated Teams Chat earlier this week, it was business as usual for build 22000.100, published last night by Dev Channel Insiders.

This week’s changes aim to appease users whose nerves have likely been shattered by the recent arrival of HiveNightmare.

Microsoft’s obsession with anything rounded continued with the hidden icons lurking to the right of the taskbar. No longer squared, the corners of the panel are now as rounded as the gaping security holes in Windows 10 (although themes had to be toggled for the magic to work).

In addition to the usual Teams screen, Microsoft has also made it possible to access Focus Assist settings from the notification and manipulate background app activity alerts on the taskbar. A “soothing treatment that minimizes the impact of unwarranted distractions” was applied, along with a red tint for the app background in the taskbar and a “red pill” below the app to indicate that attention is needed.

We will leave the jokes about the red pill and the blue pill to The matrix aficionados.

Along with a few other minor visual changes, the release also includes a series of fixes, many of which give an idea of ​​how difficult and ready to preview Windows 11 is. Explorer.exe crashes after hibernation are Fixed, as were taskbar clock sync issues and “an infinite loop causing some Insider devices to crash during shutdown.”

Known issues include a thankfully empty Widgets card and a stuck Windows Hello (Face). The former needs disconnection and login while the latter requires a bit of work in Device Manager.

Windows 11 is expected to arrive in general availability in the fourth quarter of the year, possibly as early as October. However, even taking into account the preview nature of the code, there is still some way to go. ®

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