ISP Vodafone UK brings fixed broadband to 793,000 customers

Mobile and broadband ISP Vodafone The UK released its latest results at the end of June 2020 (Q1 Financial FY21), which saw their fixed broadband base reach 793,000 customers (up + 42K in the quarter vs. + 64K in the previous quarter. ), while their mobile base declined to 17,580,000 (down -462K).

As usual Vodafone has seen a number of significant developments over the past few months, although most of them originate from their mobile network. For example, the operator deployed a 4G service to its first rural village as part of the new £ billion Shared rural network (SRN) agreement (here) and they became the first UK operator to deploy “Autonomous 5G“Technology, but only in one place (here).

Meanwhile, the wait continues for Wireless Calling for SMS assistance caused some inconvenience (here). Likewise, very high-speed home customers (FTTC) the packages were left confused by the act of disappearance of their “Ultimate speed guarantee“(here), which Vodafone says has not been deleted even though it is no longer mentioned.

The other big development was the introduction by the operator of Vantage towers as a new tower infrastructure company for Europe (i.e. managing access for more than 68000 turns in 9 markets), which is said to be on track for its IPO in early 2021 (i.e. entering the stock market). Apparently Vodafone Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited (CTIL) portfolio (network sharing agreement with O2 UK), with 14,300 UK locations, can be added with the inclusion of Vodafone’s 50% stake in CTIL.

Otherwise, this last quarter covers the period from April to June, which is of course the period most likely to have experienced significant disruptions due to the COVID-19[female[feminine confinement. Suffice to say, it’s probably best to take the results this time around with a pinch of salt as they may not be very representative.

Nick Read, Group CEO, said:

“Our sales performance in the first quarter demonstrates the relative resilience of our operating model and the focused execution of our strategic priorities. While we have seen the direct impact on our revenues from travel restrictions and delays in commercial projects, we have also seen increased voice and data usage, as well as record net additions of NGN broadband customers in Europe.

I am also delighted to present Vantage Towers as the European leader in tower infrastructure. A year ago, I established a three-phase plan for our towers to provide industrial synergies from network infrastructure sharing, generate operational efficiencies by setting up a dedicated tower management team and to unleash value for our shareholders through the IPO of Vantage Towers firmly on track for early 2021.

The role Vodafone plays in society has never been more important, especially as the markets in which we operate continue to face difficult conditions. We have executed our social contract well in order to provide fast and reliable connectivity to our customers. We will continue to work with governments and policymakers to create the right environment to invest in essential services and ensure our customers have the best overall experience. “

In total, the operator saw its service turnover fall to € 1,287 million (against € 1,287 million in the previous quarter). the the full report is here (PDF). Some readers have also asked us about the status of Vodafone’s decision to add Openreachof Fiber to the premises (FTTP), which aim to complement their existing work in parallel CityfibreFTTH network of different cities in UK.

At present, has been informed by Vodafone that they are currently progressing with a “small number of trial users” as they “continue preparations»To launch the new FTTP packages. We hope to have a bigger development to announce in the near future.

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