Inside the cheapest house on Zoopla costing £ 35,000 where your deposit would be £ 3,500

A TWO bed house in Hartlepool is the cheapest house on the market – and you would only have to pay £ 3,500 for a deposit.

The cheap and cheerful North East property is located half a mile from Hartlepool station on Dean Street and costs £ 35,000.

The Hartlepool house is just over a tenth of the value of an average UK homeCredit: Jones Estate Agents / Zoopla


Interior decoration might require some investmentCredit: Jones Estate Agents / Zoopla

This is the best deal listed on the Zoopla real estate portal that buyers can currently buy and move into.

Zoopla’s cheapest home criteria excludes buying aid, condominium, leasehold properties, and homes listed on auction sites.

That’s just over a tenth of the average UK house price, which is £ 265,668 according to land register data.

It comes as house prices have skyrocketed over the past year – up to £ 100,000 in some areas.

This means that many aspiring home buyers have had to put their home search on hold after being shut out of a hot market.

The house has two bedrooms, a bathroom on the ground floor and a living room.

It also has an open-plan kitchen and a dining area as well as a garden to the rear.

However, it doesn’t look like you have a driveway so you may need to park on the street.

According to Jones Estate Agents, who market the property, it is “considered ideal for a first-time buyer.”

But while the cheap price may seem tempting to budding buyers looking to move up the real estate ladder, you could end up spending more to update it.

Some rooms are painted in bright colors – the kitchen is a bright red, the bathroom is lime green, and the living room is a striking blue.

The kitchen units could use some stripping and modernization, as well as the bathroom.

However, the house is double glazed and fitted with gas central heating which means it should stay warmer in the cooler months and be cheaper to heat.

While the property does not appear to be in too bad condition, you should make sure to pay for a home survey.

This will flag any structural and construction issues with the property – which could cost thousands of dollars to fix if the issues are severe.

The house is minutes from the sea and Asda and Morrisons would be your nearest supermarkets.

Hartlepool is just over half an hour’s drive from Sunderland and around a 50-minute drive from Newcastle.

You could make The Nursey Inn your place of choice – which celebrated Christmas Day in MAY this year after having to cancel last year’s festive celebrations due to Covid.

Pub manager Deborah Humerston decorated the boozer with a Christmas tree, snowman statue and string lights to celebrate the fake ‘big day’.

What are the different types of home survey?

It’s a good idea to get a detailed inspection of the condition of a property, especially if it needs a little work.

A survey will highlight all of the major repair work you need to do around the house to make it safe.

It can also help you decide whether or not you are paying the right amount for your home.

Reports are carried out by qualified surveyors and costs vary from company to company.

There are also different types of surveys depending on the depth of report you want and your budget, according to Homeowners Alliance.

A condition report, costing £ 300 or more, will provide you with a summary of the flaws and possible risks identified with the property, but will not give you any advice or valuation on the house.

A HomeBuyers report, costing £ 450 or more, will provide you with a condition report along with an appraisal and insurance recovery value – which is an estimate of how much you will receive if the building were to burn down.

A Home Condition Survey, costing £ 400-900, also includes information on broadband speeds, a humidity rating, and boundary issues to consider.

While the most expensive – a building survey – will cost £ 500 or more depending on the size of the property.

These are detailed reports in which the surveyor will visit places such as the attic, check behind walls, and look between floors and above ceilings to check for any faults or work to be done. to do.

It will also provide advice on the cost of repairs and what could happen if you don’t fix them.

The bargain house comes with two bedrooms


The bargain house comes with two bedroomsCredit: Jones Estate Agents / Zoopla
Several of the rooms are painted in bright colors like this red kitchen


Several of the rooms are painted in bright colors like this red kitchenCredit: Jones Estate Agents / Zoopla
The real estate agent said his "perfect for first time buyers"


The real estate agent said it was “perfect for first-time buyers”Credit: Jones Estate Agents / Zoopla

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