INS Vikrant is the outstanding symbol of self-reliant and ambitious India: Rajnath Singh

INS Vikrant is an outstanding symbol of self-reliant and ambitious India, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said Friday during the commissioning ceremony of India’s first locally built aircraft carrier at the Cochin Naval Shipyard.

INS Vikrant, the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier, was commissioned into the Indian Navy today. The event brought together Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and senior defense officers.

“The commissioning of INS Vikrant is a confirmation that our ‘self-reliant India’ effort is not an isolated policy. This is an important part of the huge transformative change taking place in India under the leadership of the Prime Minister,” the Defense Minister said.

To achieve its goals, the government has made revolutionary changes in sectors such as health, education, commerce, transport and communications, he said.

Singh said the commissioning of INS Vikrant during the initial period of Amritkal showed the government’s determination towards the nation’s security for the next 25 years. “He is an icon of India’s pride, power and determination. And her commissioning is an unprecedented achievement in terms of native warship and construction,” Singh said.

“On this historic day, I appreciate the efforts of the Indian Navy and the Cochin Naval Shipyard, and the efforts of everyone associated with the project. I particularly commend the Chief of Naval Staff and all his team for their focused efforts in commissioning INS Vikrant,” he said.

For friendly foreign countries, the commissioning of INS Vikrant is an assurance that India is capable of fulfilling its collective security requirement, he said.

“We believe in a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific and we are continuously making efforts guided by our Prime Minister’s vision of Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR),” he said. .

As India moves towards a five trillion dollar economy, it will increase its contribution to world trade over the next few years. And certainly more of the trade will be by sea. And he believes INS Vikrant will play an important role in the nation’s security and economic interests, he said.

In the defense sector, the government has made improvements in the defense production policy and the export promotion policy. The limit of FDI has been increased in the sector, defense industrial corridors have been developed. And also, 68% of the capital acquisition budget is Rs 85,000 crore for the defense sector for the domestic industry.

As part of efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in defense manufacturing and minimize imports by Defense Public Sector Enterprises (DPSU), a positive indigenization list has been notified by the Department, it said. -he declares.

“Our mission is not just to manufacture in India, but to manufacture for the world. And it is evident that India’s merchandise exports passed the record high of $400 billion last year,” he said. he declared.

He added that in the current situation and changing with the times for the functioning of the uninterrupted maritime trade and maritime interests of India, the Indian Navy has an important responsibility.

“I strongly believe that this responsibility can only be fulfilled through an aircraft carrier. The Indian Navy is always ready as the first responder in the event of a crisis domestically or internationally. The commissioning of the ‘INS Vikrant will augment the capabilities of the Indian Navy,’ he said.

James V. Hayes