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Bloomington, Indiana – In keeping with its position as an industry leader in Name, Image and Likeness, IU Athletics today unveiled IU’s Name, Image and Likeness Policy Athletics. The Global Policy will guide and govern NIL opportunities for Indiana University student-athletes effective July 1, 2021.

IU Athletics is among the first inter-varsity athletic departments to publicly announce a comprehensive NIL policy. Today’s announcement is the final step that IU Athletics has taken in the past 12 months to prepare for and, more importantly, its student-athletes, for their ability to capitalize on their name, image and resemblance.

This change will be effective July 1, 2021, in accordance with today’s approval by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors of the NCAA Division I Board recommendation to extend this right to students. -interuniversity athletes.

“Since the establishment of the IU Athletics NIL Working Group last August, our department has focused on being at the forefront when it comes to preparing and supporting our students for NIL opportunities. when that day came, “said the vice president of the IU. and intercollegiate athletic director Scott Dolson. “Now that it’s here, this comprehensive policy is our final step and provides a roadmap for our students to maximize their opportunities while protecting their eligibility to compete in intercollegiate athletics.”

Indiana University student-athletes can be contacted directly in a variety of ways to arrange or discuss potential NIL deals, including through Opendorse Deals or by connecting with them through their social media accounts, many of which are listed. on the listing pages for their respective sports.

Today’s announcement also builds on Indiana University’s long-standing tradition of providing world-class educational and athletic opportunities to its student-athletes and supporting their opportunities to achieve. their full academic potential while earning a degree from Indiana University.

The IU Athletics NIL Policy was unveiled to Indiana University student-athletes and head coaches during Zoom calls today.

In addition to specifying the important opportunities, guidelines and safeguards associated with this new era of intercollegiate athletics, the NIL policy of IU Athletics also details the extensive and ongoing NIL educational opportunities that the department, in collaboration with its partners, will offer its students. athletes.

The ongoing NIL educational opportunities will be incorporated into the already extensive student-athlete development and wellness program offered by the IU Excellence Academy, a program first introduced in 2010 and dedicated to the holistic development of students. – Indiana University athletes. Housed in the IU Excellence Academy building at the south end of Memorial Stadium, the Excellence Academy program already offers related educational offerings throughout the year and throughout the career of IU student-athletes – including training at multiple levels in leadership and financial literacy – which will continue to be key elements of IU Athletics’ NIL programming.

In addition to the programming already offered by the IU Excellence Academy, expanded training and development opportunities will be offered in the areas of brand management, brand development, business training, personal finance, taxes, entrepreneurship, contracts and agent / advisor selection. These educational opportunities will be delivered in a variety of ways, including first-person debriefs and presentations from UI alumni and business leaders, such as the Financial Literacy Seminar hosted by the IU. Excellence Academy last November and run by former IU Football All-American and NFL All-Pro Adewale Ogunleye, as well as special guests and IU alumni Mark Cuban and Cody Zeller.

Today’s announcement and IU Athletics’ NIL policy have been in the works for almost a year. Dolson first announced the creation of the IU Athletics NIL Working Group in August 2020, which is co-chaired by Rebecca Pany, Senior Deputy Sports Director for Sports Administration, and Senior Deputy Sports Director for Strategic Communications / director of the Cuban center Jeremy Gray. The 16-person task force includes experts from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and the Media School.

The roots of IU Athletics’ NIL-related efforts go back even further. IU Athletics began partnering and collaborating with Opendorse, a market leader in helping sports organizations and their athletes increase their name, image and likeness on social media, in 2017. Over 15,000 athletes and many professional sports organizations are currently using Opendorse to maximize their approval value in collaboration with partners on social media.

Under the leadership of Director of Social and Digital Media Lynnea Phillips, IU Athletics has spent the last few years integrating its student-athletes and coaches with the Opendorse platform to prepare for this new and evolving field. To date, over 95% of current IU student-athletes have joined Opendorse prior to the July 1 rule change.

UI’s partnership with Opendorse expanded in August 2020, when it joined the Opendorse Ready program to help its student-athletes understand their name, image and likeness rights and to receive support expert practice to maximize their value on campus.

Earlier this week, IU Athletics also announced its partnership with NIL consulting and education firm Altius Sports Partners to further solidify its position as an industry leader. Altius will provide IU Athletics with ongoing strategic advice, consultation and educational support in the rapidly evolving NIL ecosystem, providing its student-athletes, coaches and the department with the resources to thrive in this new era of the intercollegiate athletics.

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