I’m a Walmart employee – there’s a secret symbol hidden in Great Value products that can speed up scanning

A WALMART employee has revealed a secret symbol in Great Value products that makes scanning much faster.

A virality ICT Tac made by an employee shows the shortcut that greatly simplifies the work of online collection and delivery workers.


The video quickly went viral and shows how much faster work can get done if employees know about this hackCredit: Getty
TikTok shows how worker gets job done faster by scanning product images instead of searching barcodes


TikTok shows how worker gets job done faster by scanning product images instead of searching barcodes1 credit

The clip shows that walmart workers can scan the image of products and get product information quickly.

“Found a shortcut,” reads a caption in the TikTok video, showing the worker as he scans through various product images, his handheld device quickly obtaining all the required information.

According to the video, the hack works for most Great Value products.

“For most Great Value products, there is a hidden barcode in the product image,” he wrote.

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TikTok viewers dropped different comments sharing their own experiences with the feature.

“I thought I was crazy when I scanned the front of the box and it worked,” one user wrote.

“Yes [too] Too bad they never taught us that…or anything,” another employee wrote.

Other users have explained how this happens and why it applies to Great Value products.

“It’s called Digimarc, it’s a real thing they’ve started adding to GV items. *comes from someone who works at a print shop*” the user wrote.

According to the Labels and Labeling website, Digimarc Barcode is a way to enhance products with a “digital watermark that is imperceptible to the human eye, but can be detected by smartphones, computers, and barcode scanners.” .

The watermark is applied to the entire product and allows workers to do their jobs faster and more efficiently.

This means they don’t have to deal with barcodes that have been tampered with or are misplaced.

walmart began working with Digimarc in 2019 and produced a technology-integrated seasonal toy catalog, allowing shoppers to “scan and buy”.

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Technology has allowed consumers to scan the catalog with the Walmart app and shop directly from the page.

Walmart and Great Value have been contacted for comment.

James V. Hayes