Illinois donates millions to Vax lottery, here is the program

If you received the COVID-19 vaccine, you probably did so to protect yourself from contracting the coronavirus, expecting no reward beyond avoidance of the virus.

And, frankly, given the odds of winning the lottery, that’s probably all you’ll get by getting the shot. However, no one plays the lottery because they think the odds of winning are in their favor, and perhaps that is how we should view the Illinois Vaccine Lottery. There is a bunch of cash and scholarships to be won, and who knows, you might win.

Here’s what the state promises vaccinated Illinois and when they plan to do it.

There is a total of $ 10 million in college cash and scholarships, with $ 7 million earmarked for vaccinated Illinois adults (aged 18 and over) and $ 3 million in university funding for those under. 18 year old vaccinated (12 to 17 years old to be exact).

People in both age groups are eligible if they have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in Illinois, other than a federal facility.

The first draws for the adult cash payment and the youth scholarship will take place on July 8, with one million dollar winner chosen and three $ 150,000 scholarships to give away.

Beginning July 12 and through August 16, three adult winners of $ 100,000 in cash prizes will be chosen each Monday from a pool across the state.

On August 12, twenty-two regional draw winners will be chosen, and two adults living in each of Restore Illinois’ 11 regions will be awarded $ 100,000 each.

Next, what the state calls its “Grand Final” will take place on August 26, when two cash prizes of $ 1,000,000 will be awarded to winners selected from the state pool mentioned previously.

As part of the grand finale, 17 prizes are awarded to those under 18. 11 youth from the eleven regions of Restore Illinois will each receive a scholarship of $ 150,000, and 6 people from the state pool will also walk away with a scholarship of $ 150,000.

And that’s how everything is supposed to be. For those of you who haven’t been vaccinated, there’s still the regular lottery, but with slightly longer odds.

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