“I am also the symbol of dynastic politics, even Prime Minister Modi cannot finish me off politically if I…”: Pankaja Munde

Photo: IENS

Mumbai: Bharatiya Janata party secretary and former Maharashtra minister Pankaja Munde has called herself a symbol of dynastic politics and said even Prime Minister Narendra Modi cannot finish her off politically if she reigns in people’s hearts .
She made the statement on September 17 during a broadcast to mark PM Modi’s birthday.

While his remarks on Prime Minister Modi were highlighted by part of the media, Munde on Wednesday alleged ‘sensationalisation’ of the news, with his party colleague and Minister of State Sudhir Mungantiwar saying his statement had been taken out of context. .

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During the broadcast, Munde had said, “Modiji wants to end dynastic politics…I am also a symbol of dynastic politics. But no one can finish me, not even Modiji, if I reign in your heart (of the people).”

At the event, she also urged children to keep a positive mindset in all situations and gave the example of Prime Minister Modi, saying he overcame all the challenges of his childhood. “He didn’t even have the money to buy a school uniform…So there’s no harm in dreaming big.”

The video clip of Munde’s remarks has gone viral on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Munde said on Wednesday: “My speech was part of various events held to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. There is only one line about Prime Minister Modi. If people find time in the ‘sensationalisation’ of the news, they do need to see the full video of my speech.”

“I had appealed to people to make their place in the public by a new style of politics, instead of using caste or the power of money. I mentioned in front of the children that we needed of a good political culture and in this context, the name of Prime Minister Modiji was mentioned,” she added.

Mungantiwar, who is Minister of Cultural Affairs and Forestry, said, “She (Munde) is not unhappy with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Her comments have been taken out of context.”

James V. Hayes