ℹ️Invest a disproportionate amount of resources (time, money and human capital) in digital infrastructure.

ℹ️Inject huge sums of money into high-end universities to stimulate quality and high-end research and development.

The ultimate goal is to transform Zambia quickly and in a very short time into the Big Data, AI & Digital Hub in Africa.

Achieving this would give Zambia an insurmountable and self-sustaining competitive advantage across Africa.

This would attract unprecedented investments in digital space companies – data and call centers, data mining, AI modeling and data science, software engineering, development of applications, generation and distribution of creative content, testing, simulations and analysis.

These areas would open up significant revenue streams that we simply don’t have the money to stimulate through investments in traditional areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

The money from these nascent income streams would then be injected into:

ℹ️Establish a comprehensive manufacturing ecosystem, including capacity building through skills by hiring highly skilled expatriates to provide hands-on training, SOE set-up to lead the stimulation of hands-on manufacturing and value addition as well as supporting local producers of raw materials, including testing and opening new routes to international markets.

ℹ️Invest heavily in multi-lane road networks, high-speed electric rail networks, integrated cross-locomotion delivery systems to provide the necessary link between the digital market and real-world products and services, as well as power lines in the main transport links and hubs.

ℹ️Set up a sovereign investment arm of government to maintain a presence in major international trade hubs such as London, New York, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, etc. in order to participate in source market price management allowing us to hedge (buffer) our domestic economic activities against dynamic international market forces as well as to invest intelligently in relevant global financial securities that stimulate investment and capital to many of our infant manufacturing industries.

ℹ️Provide incentives, capital and technical support to farmers to boost mechanization of agriculture through our digital infrastructure and world-class research and development to ensure that our farmers can significantly reduce production costs by using massively big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase crop yields, respond and mitigate plagues in a timely manner, choose crop rotation and proactively manage droughts.

ℹ️Invest in the production of green energy to keep pace with the increase in economic activities as well as export to neighboring countries.

All of this must be supported by a robust and overhauled legal system.

In this Zambia everyone plays by the rules and for those who wish to test how well they can circumvent the rule of law, they will find that their time in Zambia has expired.

_You play by the rules, you win._
_You break the rules, you lose with measures so punitive that crime simply would not be an attractive proposition.

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