HiLife presents NFTdelics’ unique collection of 3,300 iconic images and symbols that tell of the relationship between humanity and drugs.

NFTdelics is a unique collection of 3,300 iconic images and symbols that tell the relationship between Humanity and drugs.

The philosophy behind the creation of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies was to allow people to get their money back. To regain power.

NFT is new territory with endless creative possibilities that we have just opened up.

NFTdelics is a collection of 33 iconic images that will use NFT technology to spread a message to the world.

The message is to see a strong image that reminds you of something we are about to tell you, and to allow you to think differently. Because we are talking about drugs, and it is a difficult task.

Drugs have been used since the beginning of time for medical, spiritual or recreational purposes; also as a massive weapon to finance wars and guerrillas. But the situation is far too absurd. The war on drugs is every time, drugs are everywhere.

We decided to open the conversation.

Each NFTdelics has been created to illuminate a strong symbol of our past. When it is a sad, funny or strange fact. Every NFTdelics is a story, set 33 is our story.

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