GoldConnect will accept crypto payments through BitPay

Telecommunications provider GoldConnect, who works in Latin America and the Caribbean, will now accept cryptocurrency payments, according to a Press release.

Payments will be accepted through a partnership that the company has with BitPay, indicates the press release. GoldConnect hopes to attract new customers to its service through crypto payments.

“GoldConnect realizes the potential of crypto to transform the wholesale telecommunications industry, making payments faster, safer and cheaper globally,” said BitPay’s vice president of products. Shaun Worley in the exit.

In other news, Bakkt, a digital asset market, has deployed new peer-to-peer (P2P) capabilities to enable cryptocurrency to be sent through a single wallet, according to a Press release.

Users can send bitcoin, gift cards and cash to anyone, including people who do not currently have access to the Bakkt app, the statement said.

“Bakkt aims to provide the app, marketplace and payment infrastructure to make all digital assets tradable, and this new feature invites everyone to have a frictionless digital experience to send and receive bitcoin, gift cards or money to anyone, ”said CEO of Bakkt Gavin Michel in the output.

Meanwhile, hedge funds plan to continue investing in cryptocurrency, the Financial Time (FT) reported.

The development is a new vote of confidence for digital assets, a respite from recent precipitous price drops and various countries implementing new rules, according to the report.

A survey of more than 100 chief financial officers (CFOs) of hedge funds around the world showed that executives believe they will be able to own around 7.2% of their crypto assets over the next five years, according to the report.

Recently, Bitwise asset management, which is the world’s largest crypto fund manager, has completed a $ 70 million Series B funding round, valuing the company at over $ 500 million, according to a Press release.

Bitwise plans to use its new funding to grow its balance sheet and accelerate the building of its organization, team and product suite, the statement said.

CEO of Bitwise Horsley Hunter said in the statement that the company “is focused on providing investment professionals with the products, training and relationships they need to manage crypto and blockchain investments on behalf of their clients and long-term LPs. term”.



About the study: The AI ​​In Focus: The Bank Technology Roadmap is a research and interview report examining how banks are using artificial intelligence and other advanced IT systems to improve credit risk management and other aspects of their operations. The Playbook is based on a survey of 100 banking executives and is part of a larger series assessing the potential of AI in finance, healthcare and others.

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