Global Capital Partners Fund LLC offers hard money loans of up to $100,000,000 to US companies operating in the hospitality industry in the United States

New York, NY, February 28, 2022 –(– Global Capital Partners Fund LLC has become one of the most trusted commercial finance companies in New York and other states. The company offers commercial loans on favorable terms to small and large companies in the service sector. They also help solve tax and operational issues for hotels, resorts and restaurants across the country. Their reliable services for the hospitality industry are second to none and recommended by most companies that have worked with them.

Restaurants and hotels have struggled to meet their profitability goals throughout the pandemic. Lockdown restrictions have drastically reduced their revenues and forced them to cut costs. Some companies have had to downsize to avoid bankruptcy.

As many of these businesses are reopening, they are still in a recovery phase. Maintenance work in these premises was interrupted during the lockdown. Many of these cafes, pubs and motels are still delaying renovations due to limited financial resources.

Global Capital Partners Fund LLC offers a variety of commercial lending solutions for the United States hospitality industry. The private loans granted by the company can be used for the acquisition of businesses, the renovation of facilities and other large-scale maintenance operations.

According to a representative of Global Capital Partners Fund LLC, “Our international investors are very keen on financing the hospitality industry in the United States. These funds can range from $1,000,000 to over $100,000,000, depending on various factors. Our goal is to simplify and align all commercial borrowing issues.

Global Capital Partners Fund LLC provides development financing to sole proprietorships as well as businesses with multiple stakeholders and owners. Clients can also benefit from consultation services for plot rental issues.

About Global Capital Partners Fund LLC
The company has expertise in financing hotel acquisitions, expansions and renovation projects. The funds are acquired by investors around the world and used to improve the profitability of the country’s hotel sector. Various motels, cafes, bars, resorts, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants have acquired loans from Global Capital Partners Fund LLC in the past and improved their profit margins.

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