Facebook Messenger gets split payment option plus controls for voicemail recordings

Meta introduces a few new changes to the Facebook Messenger app. In one blog post, Meta announced that it is increasing the length of voicemail messages to 30 minutes, from the previous one-minute duration, and that Vanish mode, the feature that allows you to send messages that are immediately erased once read, should be available everywhere now. Meta is also introducing two new features to the Messenger app: the Split Payments option, which would currently only be available in the US, and voicemail recording controls.

What is the Split Payments feature and how do I use it?

Split payments allow you to split the payment amount among everyone in the group or, as Meta put it, “split your bill evenly.” The new feature is available on iOS and Android, but only in the United States.

If you’re in the US and want to use the new split payments feature, go to a group chat and tap the + icon. Next, choose the Payments tab and press the “Get Started” button. After that, select the payment amount, enter a custom message, then confirm and submit the payment request. Also, according to Meta, if some of your group friends haven’t set up split payments, they can quickly add their payment information in order to send and receive money.

Commands for voicemail recordings

Meta introduces the ability to pause, preview, delete, or continue recording a voicemail message before sending it to your friend. Previously, you could only record an audio message and send it without being able to preview it.

As we can see in the snapshot below, the controls for the recording will appear as a soundbar illustration that you can slide your finger over in order to hear your recording. “Pause” and “Resume recording” controls are located on the left and right sides of the soundbar, respectively, and “Delete” and “Send” buttons are below the soundbar artwork.

James V. Hayes