Expensive £120m Unboxed festival is a symbol of Brexit failures: Yorkshire Post Letters

Regarding the coronation of King Charles III, shorten the ceremony by all means, but keep the pomp and robes of the lord etc.

Yes, the late queen’s coronation lasted three or four hours but she was a young woman in her twenties; King Charles and his wife are both in their 60s, as are some of his family members and senior officials who are expected to be there for the duration.

As someone close to 60, I know there are some things you can’t do at that age that you could do in your 20s, and one of them is sitting and standing for hours without a comfort break.

Jacob Rees-Mogg speaking at the Conservative Party Annual Conference at the International Convention Center in Birmingham. Photo: Aaron Chown/PA Wire

So give the old folks a break, lots of ceremonial extravagance but a shorter time scale.

Robert Booth, Quarry Bank Mill, Longwood, Huddersfield.

I really appreciate Peter Hyde’s regular contributions, but sometimes he really baffles me.

He recently gave the green light to contact sports like rugby and boxing,

Then in letters (October 11) he advocates corporal punishment for young people today. I suffered from this experience at school In the 60s, did it make me a better person? Absolutely not! It hurt me and made me angry with society,

Adults inflicting corporal punishment that they deem appropriate on young people is simply archaic.

Richard Wilson, Chairman, Leeds for Europe, Roundhay, Leeds.

It turned out to be ridiculously expensive, but the so-called £120m ‘Brexit Festival’ symbolically serves as a very good representation of Brexit itself (front page, The Yorkshire Post, October 11).

A cross-party parliamentary committee is asking the National Audit Office to monitor spending to investigate “how so much taxpayers’ money could be wasted for so little return”.

Brexit is a project on which many more millions of our money are wasted and trade losses totaling billions of pounds incurred, only to see much of Britain’s international credibility destroyed. Much like the Festival that bears his name, much has been wasted without return.

Another big surprise is that one of the main funders of “Unboxed” – the festival’s official name – was arch-Brexiter and taxpayer-money waster MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

You have a handful of regular writers ever ready to make increasingly desperate Brexit excuses. Did any of them bother to visit an “Unboxed” installation, I wonder?

If so, they will represent an even smaller minority of the population than Brexit apologists. You report that “Unboxed” had only attracted 238,000 visitors through August – a tiny fraction of its target of 66 million.

The “Unboxed” events are almost over. For example, one created by Leeds creative studio Newsubstance and based on a former offshore oil rig in Weston-Super-Mare (Artists think big with North Sea rig installation, The Yorkshire Post, September 23) is due to close on November 5 , according to the festival website.

Susan Waterhouse, Bolehill Park, Edge Hove, Brighouse.

I was interested to read Roger Backhouse’s letter. From what I remember the comprehensive school system in Leicestershire was successful as the schools were divided into first and middle with children not being selected at 11 but transferred at 13 like some state schools. This system was copied by other authorities but proved to be more expensive than the transfer age of 11 years. I’m sure a number of primary school teachers will tell you that for some children, turning 13 provides time to mature and acquire basic skills.

Myrna Chave, PO Box 91, Virginia Water, Surrey, England GU25 9AR.

I am appealing for used postage stamps that help me raise funds which I then donate to guide dogs for the blind.

Recycling used postage stamps is such an easy way to raise money for charity and I always need all types of postage stamps including UK, foreign and Christmas stamps.

If you are able to help, I would appreciate it if you could cut the stamps from their envelopes (leaving about 1cm margin around the stamp) and send them to the above address.

I have little sympathy for the current wave of strikers. The country is already suffering because of the war in Ukraine which is driving up prices. The summer drought has affected certain agricultural products, the prices of which have increased. Pensioners have no way of demanding an increase in their pensions and most sufferers have no recourse but the NHS.

What happened to the ‘Muck in and help them so so so so’ that prevailed during World War II.

Now it’s me me me, shame on you all.

James V. Hayes