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Q: The Blues have often seemed disinterested during the season. It seemed like they had ignored Craig Berube for periods of the season. This team needs an injection of new blood. I wouldn’t mind if Carl Gunnarsson, Vince Dunn, Zach Sanford, Tyler Bozak and Jaden Schwartz don’t return. Could we see a big turnover?

A: You could get your wish. Gunnarsson certainly won’t be back. With the defenders they have, and with his injury, I don’t see how he will adapt. Dunn could take part in the expansion draft. Bozak and Schwartz are unrestricted free agents, so they need a good deal to leave. And Sanford is a young player who can score and do something else that other teams would like. So it won’t take much for all five to be elsewhere. And if this is the case, there will have to be new faces, especially in attack. It’s hard to see more than one new face in defense

I’ve said it before, but I don’t know if the players hijack the coaches. It seems to me that most of the veterans around have bought into what Berube wants, and the new ones are new. This team has never been able to pull themselves together this season, whether it’s because of the ever-changing rosters or something else. These kinds of teams probably seem disinterested.

Q: It’s time for the Blues to part ways with Jaden Schwartz. What you say?

Blues left winger Jaden Schwartz, up front, collects a free puck in the first period in a game against the Anaheim Ducks at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis on Monday, May 3, 2021. (David Carson,)

A: It all depends on the form of the contract. If the Blues can have it for the same price or less, and it’s not a long-term deal, then bring it back. It may be difficult for Schwartz to get a raise because his production numbers have been limited. The thing is, if you let him go, what does everyone say the Blues need? better defense and someone who will play the style of failure ahead of Craig Berube who collects the pucks. So the Blues would be looking for, well, Jaden Schwartz, although presumably a version that doesn’t hurt itself as much. The hole created could be difficult to fill.

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