EXCLUSIVE: Dominique Grubisa’s “asset protection”: how does she sleep?

Sydney attorney Dominique Grubisa tells her students she can offer them asset protection for life, but the facts suggest otherwise. Another dazzling addition to David Donovanexceptional investigation by this dubious lawyer.

IN FEBRUARY Independent Australia reported on the so-called asset protection product of Mrs. Dominique Grubisa, the rather misleading name of “Vestey Trust”.

In this article IA refers to Ms. Grubisa’s claims that her product “Master Wealth Control” is do not:

  • a product or service provided by its law firm DGI Avocats as legal representatives; and
  • neither sold as a legal service nor sold by Dominique Grubisa as such.

However, IA contains significant material which suggests that both of the above statements are false. For the past ten years, Ms. Grubisa has promoted her product through direct sources and third party seminars. Third parties who have promoted his seminars include Zadel property education and Global1 Enterprise Pty Ltd (now known as Jack Management Pty Ltd).

In one Youtube clip promoting a seminar with Global1 in 2016, Grubisa explained how she really scared what she saw in the world. Therefore, she said, she made it her mission to reach as many Australians as possible to “Tell them what’s going on with governments and reserve banks, across Australia and around the world”.

With what lies ahead, she said:

“… The retirement pension may not be secure. Everything you worked hard for could be gone. “


Global1 Training has participated in investment seminars used by notorious spruikers Henry kaye, Rowan burn and Jamie McIntyre promote certain land banking systems. These diagrams were the subject of a Senate investigation by its economic committee, following a referral to the Senate on September 4, 2014.

Greg Klopper, who was the Managing Director of Global1 Training and who declined the Committee’s invitation to appear before a hearing, has been working at Grubisa’s company for some years.

Last year, in April, Grubisa featured in a online seminar promoted by Gold Coast based Goko Group, who also made the front page of the famous American Doomsayer Harry dent.


During this seminar, Dominique Grubisa declared that she could protect her students [IA emphasis]:

I can build a force field around what you have today, but what about when you buy and sell assets and your position changes? It was kind of the end of a dilemma for me because, as you know, with lawyers, we have professional liability insurance.

So if I say that I support you ”- I say,“ you will never, ever lose and this is rock bottom ”- I have to stand behind that.

And the way most lawyers operate is that they charge for time. If you’ve ever hired a lawyer, you’ll know they’re expensive bastards. Six-minute billable hour units.


Ms Grubisa went on to say that her protection guarantee was for life, no matter what:

… What bothered me was that yes, I can protect what you have now, today.

When that changes, if you don’t come back to me then all the new assets will be on display and I won’t support you like I promised.

So you’ll never, ever see this from another lawyer, anywhere, I guarantee, in Australia or even the world, but it’s subscribed for unlimited changes and modifications for your life.

She said that on her “team honor”, protecting her students was her “life’s work” and her “top goal”:

Now you might be already thinking, “Well Dominique, how old are you? What if you die before me? What’s going on there?…. What life are we talking about here?”

It’s your life, so it’s my higher goal. This is my life’s work. I actually have a testamentary trust. And part of that the provision is for my work to continue when I am gone.

The honor of my team, unlimited changes, updates, change for your life.

(Image via dginstitute.com.au)

Dominique Grubisa went on to say that his professional civil liability insurance as a notary subscribes to his students:

“I can’t cut and paste and do part of this and no other part. So if I work with you and if this is my professional liability insurance as a notary on the line, guaranteeing you, then I want you warts and everything. I don’t want to make a part of it and leave you exposed. “

Remarkably, Ms. Grubisa also asserted during this seminar that she does not offer this product to the general public, even though she website clearly indicates the opposite. As are the many seminars led by Dominique Grubisa for many years around this product.

For example, in a welcome video for the students in her class, she says:

My duty is therefore to you as a customer. So if you have your assets, I will protect them. And I take care of your best interests.

If you merge your assets with someone else and something happens or something is wrong and we have to take you out, it’s much more difficult.

It’s easy to protect yourself. You and your spouse, you and your child or sibling, or someone else. Once you have extended it to an extended family network and friends, there may be a conflict of interest.

My duty to you as a lawyer is to protect your interests.

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(Image via dginstitute.com.au)

Despite all this puff, according to Dominique Grubisa’s response to the NSW Law Society, his program is do not sold as a legal service.

Equally noteworthy, Grubisa’s Facebook ad still refers to the protection of superannuation funds, despite a very clear response from the ATO regarding such advice, as noted in IAFebruary 8 article.

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(Images via facebook.com)


Facebook ads encourage people not to miss their “last chance” to join the webinar for free. In the video On the link to which potential participants are taken, Dominique Grubisa says he does not know how long the “master class will be available” and not to delay or they risk “missing”.

Ms. Grubisa said in a Facebook November 17, 2020 Publish that she read the teacher Robert cialdinithe best-selling guide of 2009, Influence: the psychology of persuasion.

Chapter seven of Cialdini’s book is devoted to the use of rarity in the art of persuasion.

Referring to the principles of Professor Cialdini in a blog post June 29, 2019, marketer Marc Schenker warns persuaders of

‘… be careful. Never use a false rarity…. Visitors to your site will see right through you. ‘

Sound advice and not false, as allegedly many assertions by Dominique Grubisa.

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