Every Symbol On The Ozark Season 4 Part 1 Episode Title Cards Explained

The first symbol in episode 3 (“City on the Make”) depicts an oyster and a slice of lemon. In Chicago, Marty, Wendy and Charlotte have a rather tense dinner with Javi. While discussing Charlotte’s plans after high school, Javi makes it a point to teach her how to eat an oyster, saying “You’re not chewing. You’re just kind of swallowing it.” Javi seems happy at dinner, but his cheerful demeanor is short-lived once he realizes someone has passed him by.

Hundreds of miles away, FBI agent Maya Miller (Jessica Frances Dukes) leads a battalion of federal agents in a raid on one of Javi’s weapons shipments. After forcing the driver to stop, officers use a set of bolt cutters, as shown in the second quadrant here, to open the trunk of the semi-trailer truck. While the first two symbols refer to events in the final moments of the episode, the last two symbols actually point to earlier scenes.

Before leaving for Chicago, the four members of the Byrde family share Chinese food for dinner. While Marty, Wendy, and Charlotte all seem adept at using chopsticks, Jonah chooses to use a fork instead, which further signifies Jonah’s distance from the rest of the family.

The final symbol in this episode is by far the most difficult of the four to place, but we think we’ve figured it out. As Shaw examines the opium sample provided by the cartel, she uses a number of chemical tools to measure it. These items include a number of beakers, a graduated cylinder, a test tube and a pipette.

James V. Hayes