Duterte did not keep his promises – Ateneo study

President Rodrigo Duterte. Contributed photo

President Rodrigo Duterte broke promises to end crime, corruption and illegal drugs within three to six months of being elected president, according to a study by the Ateneo School of Government.

“The president overestimated, exaggerated, exaggerated the scale and gravity of the problem, which is already serious, and he underestimated the challenge of dealing with the problem on a national basis”, according to the former secretary of education , Edilberto de Jesus, the main promoter. of the study.

He said the administration viewed the drug problem as a simple law enforcement problem instead of listening to expert advice that it was also a public health and economic problem.

The former head of education noted that the considerable powers given to police officers in the conduct of the government’s drug campaign revealed the weaknesses of the Philippine National Police.

He said the war on drugs had made extrajudicial killings (EJK) worse, as not only drug addiction suspects were targeted, but also left-wing activists and their lawyers.

The war on drugs in the war on drugs is the same as the naniniwala na makakalusot sila kahit papaano dahil sa mayroon silang ‘white check’ a kung anong kailangan nilang gawin. (Indeed, the war on drugs has shown that the police thought they could get away with whatever they did with their blank check. EJK got worse and the DoJ also voiced concerns), ”added de Jesus.

He said the president had been heavily criticized for his appointments by the government, adding that no investigation had been carried out for those made redundant and some of them had also been retrained in another government post.

“The five sacked officials [appointed at the beginning of Duterte’s term] as well as others who later had to resign under public pressure were close to Duterte. Their separation from the service seemed to follow through on the President’s threat to get rid of officials tainted with even a whiff of corruption. But no investigation or accusation followed the sacking, and the positive impression of their sacking quickly dissipated when they began to surface in other government offices, ”said de Jesus.

The issue of transparency was raised because the president himself refused to disclose his SALN or his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth.

Despite the publication of Executive Decree 2 or the “Freedom of Information Law,” de Jesus said the first attempt to push for more freedom of information in government appeared to be a case of “ningas kugon ”.

Five years after the start of the Duterte administration, the former education secretary added, problems of crime, corruption and illegal drugs persist and need to be addressed.

“There are still a lot of issues that the country is facing, and it has to respond to them, and we have to be on the lookout for how it is going to solve these problems. He is still responsible; he is still responsible for these problems. , “said of Jesus.

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