Drivers get furious when Tesco starts charging drivers £ 99 fuel deposit

Tesco said drivers remain enraged at the supermarket chain and that a £ 99 deduction will be taken when visiting a gas station.

With service stations nationwide, the chain will replace a pre-approved charge of £ 1 for Pay at Pump customers.

This means that a driver full of self-service supermarket pumps can see that up to £ 99 is on the card, both petrol and diesel.

The move comes nearly two years after Asda scrapped the controversial rates, amid concerns about overdraft fees and a lack of available funds.

This month, Tesco confirmed that the new rules will start charging Mastercard, Visa and American Express customers.

However, the angry driver defends himself, expressing concern about the necessity and fairness of the prosecution.

The channel received a lot of backlash, as social media previously suggested the plan “never works” due to the sheer amount of money needed.

Whoever said he was spending up to £ 16 to refuel his bike feared his card would ultimately be rejected by the end of the month.

He says: ‘It costs up to £ 16 to fill a bike, but holds £ 99. If there are too many months at the end of the money, they will reject my card.

“Paying to a dedicated pumping station will transport a lot of unhappy people.”

Meanwhile, another customer criticized the move, suggesting fuel would not be available for less than the required £ 99.

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Even though they asked the official account of the social media channel if this was genuine, they claimed their new bill would not work.

They said, “If I only want £ 30 worth of fuel and I only have £ 30 in my bank ?? It will never work.

These comments are reflected in social media, and many say they use gas stations from other chains. The current price remains £ 1.

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What Tesco said

Tesco said in a statement posted on its website that the suspension was introduced as described for rule changes to Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

The hold will be immediately removed from the card before the actual transaction amount is paid.

“New rules implemented by Mastercard, Visa and American Express require card issuers to apply for approval up to £ 99.

“Once the deposit is made, the final transaction amount will be sent to the card issuer and any unused funds remaining up to the maximum deposit amount will be returned to the available balance.

“We only charge you for the value of the fuel you actually bought. ”

An online statement says that if a bank’s balance is less than £ 99, the card issuer will have to respond with less than they allow.

However, some card issuers have said this may not be possible and are advising drivers that they will need another charge card.

What the visa says

A Visa spokesperson said: “The way fuel is paid for at self-service pumps is changing.

“When you insert or tap your card with a self-service pump, the bank temporarily reserves an amount of your available balance until you are full.

“It can go up to 100 pounds (standard gas tank).

“Once the refill is complete, it will be updated and you will only be charged for the amount of gasoline you purchased.

“It should happen almost instantly, but in some cases it can take a while. In this case, please contact your bank.

Has this ever happened?

Asda was forced to suspend billing after trying the same amount at a particular gas station using Pay at the Pump.

At the time, Asda argued that a deposit was needed to ensure customers had enough money to pay for fuel.

However, he later said he was “hanging” his bill because “we always want to do the right thing for our customers.”

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