“Daphne has become a symbol of our resistance”

Shortly before her assassination, journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia feared that younger generations would choose journalism, but she became a symbol of resistance, journalist Julian Delia said on Saturday at the vigil marking 57 months since the journalist was brutally killed.

“I discovered what it means to be a journalist in a country that picks up the crumbs left after the bomb blast, sending a shiver down the spine of anyone who wants freedom of expression and the right to truth be protected,” he said.

He said the reality for journalists is that the climate in which Caruana Galizia was killed has not changed – “a hostile climate filled with threats and letters from a lawyer and others from the public relations machine of another”.

According to the International Press Institute, 45 journalists were killed worldwide in 2021 alone, 28 of them because of their work, such as Caruana Galizia.

Delia recalled how she expressed her concern that younger generations would not want to choose journalism as a career path because of the way she was treated as a journalist. “Instead, Daphne has become a symbol of our resistance,” he said.

Julian Delia addressing the crowd who gathered for the vigil marking 57 months since Daphne’s murder

Before Delia, Matthew Grech, member of the Repubblika committee spoke about the importance of scrutinizing and criticizing the government for the country to move forward – instead of ignoring criticism or calling critics “negative” or “idiot”.

“Why does someone have to have an agenda or ulterior motives to criticize something? Why can’t we agree on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable?”

“Those who have their eyes and ears open…and who are not blinded by money, power, nepotism or corruption, can tell you that the situation in our country is not fair – we can just look to the recent behavior of the attorney general and the police commissioner as evidence of that,” he added.

Grech renewed the call for justice for Caruana Galizia, as is done every month during the vigil, which has been held monthly since October 16, 2017 when the journalist was killed by a car bomb a few meters from her home.

James V. Hayes