Corruption Symbol Hemant Soren Government Declares BJP As Jharkhand CM Summoned In Illegal Mining Case

After Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren was summoned by the Law Enforcement Directorate in an illegal mining case, a huge political storm erupted as the BJP slammed the Soren government. Slamming the Jharkhand government, the BJP remarked that the 32-month-old Soren government has become a “symbol of corruption”. Notably, Hemant Soren has been asked to appear before the Central Investigative Agency on Thursday, November 3 at 11 a.m.

Speaking to Republic TV, BJP Jharkhand leader Deepak Prakash said, “Everything is happening according to the law and the heads of investigative agencies are doing their job. Evidence must have emerged. The law should be allowed to take its own course.

“The government of Jharkhand has become a symbol of corruption. Several incriminating documents were seized,” BJP’s Deepak Prakash added.

BJP lists major recoveries during investigation

In an exclusive chat with Republic Media Network, Jharkhand BJP leader Nishikant Dubey lashed out at the Jharkhand government led by Heman Sored. He said: “Pankaj Mishra is Soren’s political representative and summonses have been issued based on information gathered from him during his interrogation. Soren’s bank documents were found in Pankaj Mishra’s residence during the raid. There is a closeness between Soren and Jharkhand’s mining secretary, Pooja Singhal.”

The BJP leader further claimed that ED had previously filed a complaint under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) against Mishra and it was revealed that 8 crores had been given to buy a land at Sahibganj in Jharkhand.

“Incriminating documents including checkbooks and passbooks and two AK 47 assault rifles were also seized. Signed and unsigned notebooks were also recovered. 3 mobile phones were seized after his arrest,” added Nishikant Dubey. BJP’s Nishinkant Dubey further said that the chief minister ordered his aide to raise funds from the mining operation through an intermediary.

He listed the major recoveries from Pankaj Mishra’s residence.

  1. CM staff AK-47 rifles.
  2. Libretto by CM Soren
  3. CM Soren’s checkbooks
  4. Files tagged CM Soren
  5. Soren’s bank documents

Nishikant Dubey added, “Your channel has done a lot of reporting on this issue. Hemant Soren owns the mining operation as well as the real estate portfolio of the government of Jharkhand. Soren’s political representative, Pankaj Mishra, threatened people from prison. Calling Hemant Soren a kingpin, Nishikant Dubey remarked that Soren could also go to jail as Lalu Yadav went to jail in Bihar.

Revenge Politics by BJP, JMM alleges

JMM leader Manoj Pandey called the ED summons a “BJP revenge policy”. He said that the chief minister can be summoned that other opposition leaders should also be summoned.

Speaking to reporters, JMM leader Manoj Pandey said, “It is not ED but the central government that is taking revenge. If ED issued a summons to Soren, the BJP leaders should also be summoned as various allegations concern them as well. The BJP is taking revenge on the government of Jharkhand.”

ED summons Hemant Soren in illegal mining case

On Wednesday, the Law Enforcement Directorate summoned Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren for questioning on Thursday, November 3. Soren has been asked to appear before the ED at 11am tomorrow in connection with the illegal mining scam. Earlier, the ED arrested Soren’s political representative, Pankaj Mishra, in the case.

In the 162-page indictment filed by ED, Mishra and his associates, Prem Prakash and Bacchu Yadav were named as the main defendants in the scam worth Rs.1000 crore.

The central agency alleged that “the PMLA’s investigation revealed that Pankaj Mishra, who enjoys political clout, being the representative of the Chief Minister, MP for Barhait, Sahibganj, Jharkhand controls illegal mining companies as well as domestic ferry services in Sahibganj and its adjoining areas by his accomplices”. He also recorded the statement of a former JMM treasurer who claimed Soren was “very close” to Prakash. ED also revealed that it had retrieved a “yellow colored file” marked from April 2019 to June 2022 with all of Soren’s bank details from Prakash’s CA.

James V. Hayes