Ceferin explained the allocation of Champions League tickets to the final manager

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin explained to the manager of a team in the Champions League final why the number of tickets available for fans is limited.

Real Madrid and Liverpool have been allocated 20,000 tickets each, although the Stade de France in Paris, which hosts the final on May 28, has a capacity of over 80,000.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp publicly criticized UEFA over ticket prices and ticket allocations last week.

“I explained the same thing (why there are less fan tickets) to one of the coaches of one of the two teams a few days ago. I explained to him and went through everything”, revealed Ceferin.

“First of all, UEFA, of the revenue from the final, receives 6.5% and 93.5% goes to the clubs. On the other matches, 100% of the revenue goes to the clubs.

“Fans of both teams receive 20,000 tickets each. If sponsors who pay €100 million or more for sponsorships, of which 93.5% go to the same clubs, get tickets due to a contractual obligation that we have.

“UEFA does not receive more tickets than the others. Some tickets go to the market, some to fans and some to partners. It’s not UEFA. I do not give away tickets for free or sell them to my friends.

“The system works and the clubs could not function otherwise. For us, it wouldn’t make much difference if the tickets were €10, but it would make a big difference for the clubs.

(Photo: Stuart Franklin – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

James V. Hayes