Casper City Council reviews one-cent fund allocations

CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – On Tuesday, July 12, the Casper City Council held a major business meeting to resolve some issues that citizens encountered during a discussion that took place at a previous business meeting. This discussion was the result of a recommendation made by city staff to cut funding for non-profit and community-help organizations by approximately one cent.

For many one-cent funding cycles, the City has offered a grant program that allocates funds to community aid organizations that apply for the grants and meet the requirements. In the previous cycle, these types of groups were allocated a pool of $3 million.

The city council heard from several representatives of non-profit organizations in Casper. These included representatives from the Platte River Trails Trust, the Life Steps program and the Wyoming Non-Profit Network.

“We hope these meetings, communications and document sharing have provided insight into the wide variety of essential services provided by nonprofits that will change the landscape of our communities if they cease to exist,” said Anna Wilcox. , Director of Learning and Development for the Wyoming Non-Profit Network.

After hearing citizens’ concerns for nearly two weeks and being addressed by a few at their previous council meeting, city staff created a new budget recommendation for one-cent funding. This proposal saw money transferred from three projects to help fund non-profit organisations. This included $650,000 from the Community Assistance Fund and would see the pool and swimming grant cut in half. The proposal will also eliminate the design of Fire Station 1, freeing up $1 million. Finally, funds will be raised from cybersecurity that would have been used to install new fiber optic cables for city services, which will add another $600,000 to the nonprofit fund. Overall, this will give nonprofits and community aid organizations a pool of $2.5 million to apply for.

Councilor Kyle Gamroth said: “I hope everyone sees this as a fair compromise, I know we haven’t reached the three million that has been offered historically, but to reiterate what I mentioned in our last meeting, our last working session, I hope that illustrates the difficulty we have on the board in finding this money.

This budget has yet to be fully approved, but nonprofits will most likely see this funding available to them as long as the penny fund is approved by voters in November.

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James V. Hayes