Buccaneers’ Brady controls more than you think

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady recently gave an interview. The exclusive interview with ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren appeared to reveal very little. Except that it seemed to reveal a lot! Then again, in 2022, what is “a lot” of news for the NFL offseason?

Do not go

The interview was more like an infomercial. Covering the new line of golf apparel coming out under the Brady brand. What he hasn’t done is answer some of the biggest questions this NFL offseason. had reported. Retirement, non-retirement, Bruce Arians, Miami Dolphins fodder. Talk about controlling the narrative. He owns it

With the quarterback declaring, “I know I don’t have much left, really. I know that I am at the end of my career”. Adding: “I wish you could go forever, but that’s just not the case, and football comes at too high a cost. My kids are growing up and it’s getting harder and harder to miss those things. But I wanted to give myself, my teammates and our organization another incredible opportunity to achieve something that we would all be very proud of.” He is definitely realistic.

So no Creamsicles

It sure looks like this 2022 season will be Brady’s Buccaneers swan song. Even though the all-time great said he wanted to avoid a farewell tour. And while conspiracy theorists are still posting that the future could end in Miami, this iteration of Brady certainly looks like that retreat he briefly visited in February could be closer than you think.

Which just begs the question. Can’t the NFL really make the rollbacks in time for the upcoming season? The most important thing on the team’s radar is the pursuit of a championship in 2022 and a rematch against the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. The “SECOND” team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl at home. Creamsicles are therefore not of the utmost importance. Except for Bucs fans who would have invested a lot of money for a Buccaneers No. 12 jersey without Williams or Dilfer in the back. But with the announcement that they couldn’t get the uniforms back until 2023. After last season’s announcement that the ‘one helmet rule’ didn’t change in time for the team to request throwbacks to last season.

It almost feels like a conspiracy is brewing. A plot to keep Tom Brady out of a creamsicle uniform. Which, if he didn’t want to wear one, if it’s as simple as totally controlling the narrative of an ESPN interview was for him. Would be totally doable.

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